Titanfall On Xbox 360 Seems To Run Pretty Darn Well

I’ll admit it: I assumed that the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall would be hot garbage, especially once we found out that Respawn — the studio behind the PC and Xbox One versions — hadn’t actually made it.

And now I’m happy to admit I was wrong: Digital Foundry did one of their in-depth performance analyses on last-gen Titanfall, and they say it runs relatively smoothly. The framerate is inconsistent, DF reports, but you can lock it at 30 FPS for a more consistent, albeit lower-quality performance. (You can see the framerate analysis in action above.)

Seems like the folks at Bluepoint Games pulled this one off. To quote Digital Foundry: “In summary, after a day with the Xbox 360 game, the big takeaway here is that this is Titanfall, and it does appear to be feature-complete on the older console. With just one tenth of the available RAM and far less capable silicon, it’s safe to say that Bluepoint Games has more than exceeded expectations.”

Check out the DF report for the super-technical analysis.


  • Why does the video even have a 1440 option when neither the 360 or the xbone run at anything higher then 1080p?

    • Feel a little bit weightier, there are 3 diff titan chasis, changes a bit depending on which one you use (one is super light and kinda runs). It’s just enough to feel mech like, but the weighting is a bit off, just like call of duty always was.

      • So the video has the fast mech? It seems pretty much 1:1 to the human movement. Which then means that for a portion of the game you have slightly more ammo but you’re easier to hit ….? :\

        • Lol, its not quite that bad. You feel just weighty enough to differentiate, also the mechs have sliding afterburner boosts

  • Man as much as I want some of things the Xbone does (like the multitasking) this just seals it for me – when the upgrade from my 360 is so negligible as to be down to frame-rate then my eventual upgrade will be to a PS4 where I can actually discern a difference

    • Yeh, I was almost regretting changing to PS4 but this clears it for me. Titanfall will be the last of Xbox for me and I’m a happy vegimite on Playstation now.

  • wow I’m surprised that it plays so well, and looks pretty decent as well. What about the much vaunted use of the cloud by the xbox one? i thought the minions were part of the cloud computing that isn’t part of the x360?

  • Surprised how much last-gen consoles are holding up graphically, still looks preety dam good, why oh why did i rush out to buy a XB1

    • The Xbone runs it at a resolution of 1408×792, which is nearly 80% more pixels per frame than the rather dismal 1040×600 resolution on the 360 (naturally much higher resolutions are achievable on PC). The 360 version also has poorer quality textures, and has to stream the textures as you move throughout the map (the Xbone and PC versions hold all textures in RAM).

  • I’m already selling my copy of TF…

    I know it’s not the popular opinion, but I find it really boring actually. At the start it was awesome as I had all these “titanfall moments” but after I’d had those moments 15 times over by the end of the first night, and I’d already unlocked everything interesting after 2 nights, I could see I wasn’t going to get much longevity out of it.

    It’s too one dimensional for me. If I had only ever played halo and cod maybe I’d like it more, but after BF4 I can’t really go back to tiny maps and one vehicle that everyone has at basically the same time

    • im in the same boat, though i purchased the digital version so there is no selling for me.

      i had a week with a lot of fun and now im done. it really needs custom matches and some configurable options for game types.

      it is definitely a great game but there just isnt enough content to keep me hooked

      • That’s why I never buy the digi version. Sure not changing discs is ok, but the $50 I’ll get back on my regrettable $75 purchase is well worth the hassle.

  • Well I for one find cod & BF4 to one dimensional after playing Titanfall. I still play BF4 but its a 4:1 ratio to Titanfall. I have played my friends 360 version and wow seems so much dialed down compared to my Xone version. Even my buddy has played my Xone version and says it can see so much difference in quality, performance, and graphics. I’m so happy I bought the Xone exceeds my expectations. I played another friends PS4 still hate the controllers to bother switching and cant see any difference from my Xone so when the wife and me went to buy a PS4 we opted out and got a second Xone so she can game with me on it. PS4 just offers nothing I truly find appealing. But people used to playing the 360 the Titanfall version on that system runs nicely enough.

  • Are there any Aussie servers for Titanfall on the X360? I can only find Asian server and the ping is horrendous (170ms).

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