Titanfall’s Next New Modes Will Be Free

Titanfall’s Next New Modes Will Be Free

During their PAX East panel today, Respawn announced that they’re working on new modes for Titanfall. These updates, in addition to other micro updates that they have already been working on, will be completely free to owners of the game.

The first mode they’re working on is a two-on-two version of the already-existing Last Titan Standing mode. They’re working on new Burn Cards, too, contained to various themes like Titan upgrades.

One of the other micro updates they mentioned during the panel is a new way to match with other Titanfall players. It’s a hashtag system that will let you filter through private matches under those categories.

They’re also looking into other highly-requested features like Titan insignias, competitive player stats, and something called “rifts”, which are tweaks to modes they will put out for a limited amount of time. Left 4 Dead 2 did something similar with weekly mode updates.


  • I think that’s something of a given isn’t it?
    After all, it is multiplayer only and the 60$ the players paid should ensure all future updates/DLC’s to be free.

  • This article/post alone makes me want to buy Titanfall. The reason I didn’t and won’t, is because I know they still will release various paid DLC packs. I don’t play online shooters anymore because you need to spend way too much money to fully enjoy the games.

  • Picked this up for 360 and have to say it is a great game. One thing though is I’ve been playing it for a few days and am lvl 50 and nearly unlocked everything.
    This game badly needs more wepons , skills and titans to keep fresh otherwise may tire quite quickly.

  • Please please please no ability to set custom map lists in public servers! Seriously this is the feature that ruins every online game I play. Ends up with the choice of barely any maps to play.

  • Pitty they aren’t adding a ‘Number of players’ option somewhere in the mode list. I’d like to look at the list and see “Hardpoint (89) Pilot Hunter (19)” etc etc…
    Hate joining a mode and sitting around for 15mins waiting and waiting then just going Attrition so I can play something :S

  • they have said since day 1 that paid DLC will only relate to maps while new game modes, tweaks etc. will be free. Basically there is no way to buy extra game modes, guns, perks, ways to level up etc.

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