Too Bad These Condoms Aren't Real

Too Bad These Condoms Aren't Real

Frankly, I'm surprised that nerdy condoms like this don't actually exist. Not because I want to use them or anything, but because I'm sure that someone hilariously would.

Hell, they could probably work as a dorky conversation starter or something. Or ruin the mood completely, depending on who is involved, I guess.

The condom designs are the work of Kode Abdo, and they call upon all sorts of geeky interests — from video games to anime:

Street Fighter

Too Bad These Condoms Aren't Real


Too Bad These Condoms Aren't Real

Mortal Kombat

Too Bad These Condoms Aren't Real


Too Bad These Condoms Aren't Real


Too Bad These Condoms Aren't Real

You can check out more of Abdo's work here.

Picture: Buzzfeed


    I worry about the message at the bottom of each image - is it a campaign to promote "abstinence only" sex education"? Whilst it's technically correct that nothing is 100% safe, proper condom use is as good as can be managed. It has been shown time and time again that teaching to the contrary is less successful and more risky than not.
    I love the designs but the catch phrase appears to be dangerous propaganda.

    Not sure how someone is going to use the first one if it were real. You need 7 balls to summon the Eternal Dragon.

      Laughed *so* *damn* *hard*. Have ALL the upvotes sir. ALL the upvotes.

    Ok there's a couple of things in this post that really disturb me...

    First is the apparent implication that dorky interests at best fit awkwardly into sex. Because sex is just for the cool kids right? It's not like they don't make panties with the Batman logo or Star Wars themed bikinis. Or are those just dorky conversation starters?

    It just screams of that whole idea that the only way nerds will ever get laid is to stop being nerdy, instead of you know finding a girl who shares their interests. Frankly as someone who often attacks certain portrayals and stereotypes it's a pretty hypocritical jab to make.

    Also what's with the quote at the bottom of every single one seemingly attacking the idea of safe sex? Are they attacking condoms as a preventative, or are they attacking premarital sex completely?

    Pokemon condoms! Not sure if gotta catch em all is genius, or disturbing on a condom.

      Sounds rather concerning to me :/ for once hearing "gotta catch them all" didn't bring Pokemon to mind at all.

    "Saying that the use of condoms is 'safe sex' is in fact playing Russian roulette. A lot of people will die in this dangerous game." ................ wtf?!? Condoms are apparently useless? Or at best a gamble? WTF kind of message is Kotaku trying to send? So much stupid going on here, especially considering that the slogan of each ad contradicts the repeated line at the bottom of each one.

    lol is that an official quote from EA Games? i think whoever made these needs to be sued...

    As someone with 3D art interests, I find this pretty lazy. It's the same model and the same texture each time, only with a logo slapped on the top layer and some photoshop hue/saturation tweaking.

    Also, what everyone else said.

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