'Too Expensive': Don't Expect A Reboot Of Monolith's Blood Any Time Soon

A while back, former Monolith CEO Jace Hall was kicking around the idea of a revamped Blood, unfortunately, it failed to get off the ground and the idea was abandoned. Recently, the topic of Blood was raised with Devolver Digital, the publisher that distributed the recent Shadow Warrior remake and well, the news is still bad.

Devolver's chief financial officer Fork Parker responded to a question over Twitter regarding Blood, with Parker responding with the following:

When questioned further, Parker revealed the unsurprising roadblock:

As to who owns the Blood IP, the answer seems to be Warner Bros. Interactive, if Monolith's website is to be believed, though it was Atari that rebuffed Hall's earlier attempts, so I'm not entirely sure what the situation is.

@ForkParker [Twitter, via Blue's News]


    Four words in total.

      yeah that is a pretty lame I don't care response. Considering the success they have had with selling Shadow warrior and Hard Reset to the old school gamers like myself who buy it for full price.

      I'd buy a new Blood in a heartbeat if it was done to the same standard as HR and SW.

    Screw blood, I would murder for a remake/sequel to monoliths SHOGO Mobile Armour Division.

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