Transformers' Rock Icon Channels The '80s With 'Thunder In Your Heart'

After years spent trying to update his sound, Stan "The Touch" Bush finally realises that he was born to create '80s rock, no matter the decade. Horrible CG Transformers do battle to the tune of "Thunder in Your Heart".

This is the music Stan was born to make. He does not need to try and ape modern performers, sullying the memory of his best music in the process. He just needs to keep making tunes like "Dare" and "The Touch" (original version). Stan Bush is the avatar of feel-good '80s rock — it's his duty to keep it alive.

Stan Bush's latest album, The Ultimate, is now available for purchase at his official website.


    Oh man. Listening to this makes me need to montage.

    You've got the touch,... you've got the power!!!
    Anyway I thought this was a pretty good cgi reproduction of the dinobots episode.

    Pretty damn good cover.. but mann.. it'll take a bit to beat John Farnham's belting out of the song.
    Pretty close, though!

    Horrible cgi? I'll take those over bayformers any day.

      For sure. That vid looks great! Any time Hasbro or whoever veer away from the original G1 look it's never an improvement.

      Last edited 03/04/14 3:03 am

    That was great but not enough guitars firing lasers. The 80s truly were a glorious time.

    This all makes me very very happy!! 5 year old on Christmas morning happy!

    i'm a little skeptical of megatron's martial prowess. I mean, throwing a club? he knows he has a huge gun attached to that arm right? oh worked. disregard

    I think the club throw was from the 80's transformer movie

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