Uncharted PS4 Won't Sound Like It Did Last November

Uncharted 4 won't sound like it did during the brief glimpse we got last year — the actor who voiced the teaser trailer for the next Uncharted game says he's no longer involved in the project.

Todd Stashwick, who voices the above trailer (released last November during a PS4 launch event), told IGN today he's no longer working on the game. "They chose to recast my role," he said.

The folks at development studio Naughty Dog haven't shared any details about the next Uncharted game just yet, but this departure comes after the recent exits of writer Amy Hennig and director Justin Richmond, so they're certainly going through some changes. We've reached out to both Naughty Dog and Sony to see if they will talk about what's going on over there.

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    Can't view the video from here, but is Nolan North still doing the voice for Drake?

    Last edited 22/04/14 10:51 am

      No news on Nolan, but they are only recasting the character that did the voice over

      Last edited 22/04/14 11:05 am

      As far as I know Nate isn't in the new Uncharted. At least not in the main protagonist role.

    He probably left when Amy did since he's co-writing with her over at Visceral.

    I did kind of expect that the teaser was nothing more than sweet nothings in my ear. It seemed like something thrown together for the PS4 release to remind people that big things are on the horizon.

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