Upcoming PS4 Update Introduces Beefy Video Editor, Pre-Loaded Games

Quality of life improvements for the avid video sharers and dedicated game pre-orderers of the PS4 community are on the way. For video sharing, the upcoming 1.70 update will introduce SHAREfactory.

The app lets you edit, combine, annotate or commentate recorded footage, giving you a clip which you can then share via the Share Screen or through Facebook. You can also export the clip to a USB drive, from which you can upload your video to, say, YouTube, using a PC. The short video above will should you an idea how it works.

Another new feature is a Steam-style pre-loading system for pre-ordered games, which allows you to download your game a few days prior to release day, letting you play as soon as official release time hits. More on that in the official blog post.

In other news, Sony also revealed some new sales figures for the system: the PS4 managed to sell one million units in the past month, bringing the total amount of consoles sold globally to an impressive seven million units, with 20.5 million copies of software sold as of last Sunday.

PS4 Update 1.70 Coming Soon [PlayStation Blog — thanks Ryan!]


    The amount of dust already on my ps4 is depressing. Dark Souls 2 just wont let me go....

      Same, but then again my house is kind of dusty...

    Just want PS Now to be available already, I never had a PS3 so I've got some gaming to do!

      This. Every payday I fight off the temptation to go and buy a ps3 then go buy all the games I wanted to play off the psn

    How about being able to store and play media off the hard drive? You know, like we've all been doing on the PS3 for the last 7 years or so?

    *crickets chirping*

    How about flash plugin for the web browser!

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