$US10 Is All You Need To Scratch Your 4X Itch With Sins Of A Solar Empire: Rebellion

$US10 Is All You Need To Scratch Your 4X Itch With Sins Of A Solar Empire: Rebellion

Excited about the new space-faring instalment to Civilization? That’s an understatement. Unfortunately, it’s not available right now, which makes it incredibly difficult to play in the current time slice we occupy. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, on the other hand, is just $US10 on Steam and it might be enough to tide you over until Firaxis has completed its work.

Rebellion usually retails for $US39.99 on Valve’s online store front, but for the next 38 hours, it’s 75 per cent off. Sure, it doesn’t have “Sid Meier’s” before it’s name, but it’s still a darn good 4X… and it’s gorgeous to boot.

If spaceships blowing up other spaceships doesn’t take your fancy, Stardock has a bunch of other titles on sale, in fact, you can grab a bunch of them for $US44.99, including Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition, Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes, Demigod and of course Rebellion.

Note that these games aren’t discounted individually — you’ll have to buy the bundle to get them cheaper.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion [Steam, via GG:3]


  • Probably my favourite game from any of the sub strategy genres, its just such a great game to sit down with mates and troll them in. I know of no other game where I can win with literally just credits in a strategy game.

  • I just commented on the Civilization: Beyond Earth that the writer probably didn’t know about Sins of a Solar Empire. I recommend it to all strategy game lovers. I do not consider myself a big strategy game fan but I really enjoyed Sins of a Solar Empire, and I hope more people discover it.

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