Video Compares Beautiful Racing Game With... Real Life

Video Compares Beautiful Racing Game With... Real Life

I guess when your game looks that good, you're pretty much limited when it comes to comparisons. YouTuber ADRIANF1esp, to showcase the graphics of — you guessed itProject CARS, took camera footage of a BMW doing a lap on the Laguna Seca Raceway, and put it next to an in-game run on the same track, using the same car.

The result is the video below:

The real-life footage appears to have been taken with a low-resolution camera, which is a shame, certainly. It kinda-sorta makes real life look worse in comparison. Still, it's a great watch! Spotting all the differences is fun, too.

Project CARS vs Real Life [ADRIANF1esp@YouTube, via DSOGaming]


    It's very shiny. Real life isn't that shiny. Real life is dirty.

    This could well be a GT killer and provide some serious competition in the genre.

    WOW... it's a bad thing to say but tone down the detail guys if you want it to look real! lol

      Reminds me of when Kojima released those real-life / FOX engine comparisons and the scrunched-up jacket/cardigan looked better in the game than it had any chance of looking in real life. :P

    Dim down the saturation on the trees. All racing games make trees crazy green, they never look like that from within a car.

    Dim down the trees and everything would be just brown in-game...

    Ha, the commenters picking it apart are hilarious!

    It looks AMAZING, a hundred times better than most racing games ever have and yet there are still people who will complain.

    Some people are never happy lol.

    looks good but pity the track is not laser scanned and very inaccurate, might be good for a game but not a race tool. iRacing is by far the superior simulation and at times looks a lot more realistic than pCARS. heres the proof

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