Video Game Creators Are Going To Be Killed By A Real UFC Fighter

Video Game Creators Are Going To Be Killed By A Real UFC Fighter

Ten of the guys who work on EVE Online, along with some "special guests", are going to fight Iceland's Gunnar "Gunni" Nelson next month. Gunnar is a UFC fighter with twelve wins (and two blackbelts) to his name. They are all going to die.

It might be fair if it was 10 vs 1, but it's not. Each combatant/victim will enter the octagon one at a time, and take on Nelson individually.

The fight is part of EVE's annual fanfest, and before you cast too much doubt on the fight, there's precedent for the madness: in 2011, two devs beat the shit out of each other in the boxing ring at the same event.

Apparently the developers have been training hard, but come on. Look at this guy in action.

If you want to see the blood spilled yourself, and you won't be in Iceland for fanfest, it's being streamed on Twitch.


    This is crazy. I'm surprised an active UFC fighter is allowed to take part in something like this, though. I thought they were essentially banned from taking part in any other striking competitions.

    That could well tell you all you need to know about how likely any of the amateurs are to land a significant strike...

      Maybe one of them can sneak in a Taser...I mean this is the sort of situation they exist for after all i.e facing an opponent who is going to redefine curbstomping.

      Well, they're allowed to spar and i'm not sure the UFC would consider this much more than sparring. I mean he's fighting ten dudes. If they don't stop him from fighting ten dudes... He's probably going to beat those ten dudes.

        He wouldn't be allowed to fight them without full protection on both parties.

        You would say he will just sub the lot of them.

    This guys a professional, it’s not like he’s going to have to knock them out. In reality at worst these guys will have a couple bruises and will end up tapping out from choke holds. If they have been training properly and hard for this they will actually appreciate the opportunity and probably have a good time.

    Id be surprised if they will get past 3 leg kicks.

      I'd be surprised if they got past 1. Forrest Griffin once refused to answer a reporter's question unless the reporter let Forrest kick him in the leg.

      The reporter left with a fractured leg and, as far as I remember, never got around to actually asking his question.

    'Going to get killed'
    'Are all going to die'

    Really Luke?

    He didn't say "literally", so it's probably okay.

    Yes they are going to die, I grew up around wrestlers, fighters, and Military I can honestly say fighters for some reason are in a league of there own. I have seen Navy Seals Tap out and Marines break down, these guys are in for a rude awakening. i would not ever get into a ring with this guy period, I don't have a Black Belt, but I have some experience with Tae Kwon Do, and Kuk Sul Do and this is not sound like fun unless I'm Gunnar!

    Reminds me of Uwe Boll vs The Journos.
    Uwe Boll 1 Journos 0

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