Watch As One Piece And Fist Of The North Star Battle It Out

New mega-crossover game J-Stars Victory Versus lets you battle as 52 different characters from across 32 different Shonen Jump series. But how exactly does it play? Check out our exclusive video to find out.

J-Stars Victory VS was released on 19 March 2014 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in Japan. There is currently no word on an international release.


    So the comments about how Goku would beat everyone haven't started yet?

      They will come..soon..but until then I think Ichigo is in with a chance!

        Theres no way Ichigo would be able to beat Kenshin, so he stands no chance against Goku :P

          Agreed. Unless Orihimes on the side saying 'Kurosaki-kun' cos then Ichigo would mega-super-ultra-destructicon anybody

          It depends on how far Ichigo can go power wise, if they just go to Hollowfication then yeah he's got no chance, however, if they go to his Tensa Zangetsu and allow Saigo No Getsuga Tensho then I think he's in with a chance

      Goku cant beat superman, science proved it

      there were some here....

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    Must own this game

      I really hope this gets a local release but I wont hold my breath

        NO chance, copyright's for each character are owned by different companies in the west.

          Would you necessarily NEED an english version?
          Just thinking, but it IS a fighting game, not really known for their vastly deep story lines and intricate plot lines.
          Once you have an online translation of the menus to get into a match as you want, you could probably still play it ok maybe?
          Personally I usually find the japanese voice actors generally better than the english ones anyways
          But yeah this would be awesome, some the coolest anime characters for the last 10-15-20 years in a battle royale.. coolio

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            oh im buying it as is, i have Gundam games in Japanese all hack and slash, once i got menu and stat translations it was easy and hell fun, so no issue with a J-fighter game :D

              Yeah I just had a thought you would need translations (probably) for the 'move lists' for each character as well, but then again, trial and error can be fun :P
              I remember playing the first Naruto fighting game as a Jap import, that went OK, but it was a fairly simple fighting system, ie same move sets for each character, it just resulted in different moves depending on your character.
              I really need to catch up again on Gundam... after one piece and shippudden ;)

    J-Stars games never see a western release. Handling copyright for the characters over here is a major pain.

    Looks like a good game, however there's something about the dull, monotone, emotionless voice that was narrating that made me want to stop watching and go to sleep

    The gundam games are great. If only I could figure out the menu so I knew which gundam I was changing to that would be great but the random changes keeps it interesting. I'll have to import this too just because there are so many great characters in shonen.

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