Watch Deathstroke Decimate Goons In This Batman: Arkham Origin Fan Flick

I like fan films, particularly when there as well made and well produced as Deathstroke: Arkham Assassin, a prequel designed to fill in the gaps of what happened prior to the events of Batman: Arkham Origins. If you want to see Deathstroke totally obliterate some of Black Mask's goons you've come to the right place.

Warning: it gets pretty bloody, but the violence is of the 'urrgh' fake blood everywhere variety, so it's not too high in impact.

This video has made me wonder if Batman: Arkham Origins is worth going back to? Despite loving the first two Arkham games, I never had the time play the latest despite being heavily impressed by the demo at E3. What did you guys and girls think of the game. Worth giving it a shot?


    Additional question, has anyone played this through fully with the latest patches on either XBOX 360 or Wii U? Is it bug free-ish now or did they just squash the show stoppers and leave it at that?

    Origins is fun. It's generally well designed and well written, the changes they made are mostly for the better. I think they actually improved on Arkham City, removing some of the worse gadgets (the electricity gun was entirely pointless) and replacing them with some useful and quite fun new ones (shock gloves, for example).

    Overall, it's an incremental improvement over Arkham City design-wise, but hampered by a large number of bugs. Most of them aren't show-stoppers, but you'll probably find a few annoyances in your playthrough.

    Not a bad video, in all fairness it's got nothing on Slade in Arrow though :)

    Stopped watching the clip as he was supposed to take the guards out unarmed and the first thing he pulls out a mini-smoke bombs... what part of unarmed does he(Deathstroke) or the director not understand. Was otherwise looking pretty cool.

    Decimate... So he only killed 10% of them?

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