Watch Someone Clear Trials Fusion's Hardest Track... Without A Bike

As a general rule, Trials can be pretty difficult. This applies particularly to the extreme tracks. This applies even more particularly to the Inferno tracks that tend to appear in the Trials game. Inferno II in the original was just stupid. Inferno III was even worse. Inferno IV in Trials Fusion? It's apparently the most difficult track yet. But RedLynx has found a way to make it even more difficult. You can attempt to clear the track without a bike. And by that I mean you simply can't see the bike. This makes it near-impossible.

If you're currently shaking your head, saying that making the bike invisible doesn't make things any more or less difficult, I present to you exhibit A: Professor FatShady.

FatShady is a Trials machine, to the point where he can already complete Inferno IV with zero faults. When the bike is visible of course.

But when you make the bike invisible? FatShady can't get past the first obstacle.

Actually, make that 'can't' a 'couldn't'.

Last night FatShady just so happened to be streaming some Trials Fusion live. He spent a fair amount of time bitching about how incredibly difficult it is to finish Trials Inferno when you can't see the bike you're riding.

Then he went ahead and somehow did it anyway.

It's a fun watch, even if it's difficult to get a perfect grip on how things are going, what with the bike being hidden from sight and all. Have a watch. If you want to skip to the successful run, click ahead seven minutes on the above video.


    Even after seeing him complete it I will still say its impossible.

      I don't know, I think the impossible thing is keeping RedLynx on the Christmas card list while beating this.

    I'd be more impressed if you were a cat on an invisible bike.

    My favourite bit is the look on his face at 9:30 >:D

    Wow that's amazing. I stupidly promised my daughter that I would pay her a dollar every time she heard me swear playing a Video Game. I have had to stop playing Trial Fushions while she is in the house just getting GOLD on KRANK cost me 27 f**king dollars.

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