Watch Sony’s New Zombie MMO In Action

Sony is continuing its semi-crowdsourced campaign to help develop and promote its new zombie MMO H1Z1with yet another compelling public-facing initiative: by live-streaming gameplay of an early build on Twitch.

Watch H1Z1’s new brand of multiplayer zombie killing in real time right here:

Do you think Sony is on the right track to make a undead-themed MMO that’s compelling in its own right? Or will this just be a rushed attempt to replicate the success of recent PC gaming hits like Rust and DayZ?


  • I am so freaking over zombies. I won’t even play games that have zombies in them any more.

    I’m tired of fads, really. The glut of RTS games in the ’90s, the FPS obsession, that weird period where almost all indie games were tower defence games. If everyone else is already doing it, please do something different. If you can’t think of anything different, please don’t make a game.

    • Hang on, that’d be like trying to tell Hollywood to stop making romantic comedies because the market is flooded with them. The whole reason the trend persists is because the games sell and make money for their developers. If/when the public tires of the genre developers will be less inclined to make the games in the first place and the trend will die…

    • I’m think I’m sick of hearing about yet another zombie game, but the fact is I’ve enjoyed pretty much every zombie game I’ve played, recently culminating in The Last of Us being one of my favourite games of all time.

      A good zombie game is like a good zombie movie, the zombies are just the background stage on which to play out an interesting human drama.

      • You’re probably sick of hearing petulant jerks whine every time you hear about a zombie game as well 🙂

        I think I’d be happier if that human drama was expressed using a less derivative canvas. Find some other myth to mine. Something we haven’t seen much, like traditional folkloric elves or something. Send the Nuckelavee on a rampage… in a desert or something, I guess, otherwise everyone will just jump across a stream.

    • I like pretty much all games. I just don’t like the market being flooded with homogeonised “me-toos”.

      I guess I’m just tired of wading through cash-ins that exist solely to exploit a hot market. I understand why they exist, but in my happy place people would only produce when they believe that they’re truly setting out to offer a unique, worthwhile experience.

      • The issue i see (and its the same thing in the movie industry) It costs too much money to make a video game these days and the big dogs putting up the funds don’t want to take a risk. Nearly every game these days is a sequel, COD, BF, GTA. GTA5 had a budget of $265M! no one is putting up that kind of coin unless they know its going to rake it in.

        its not like back in the old days when you had studios like Bullfrog taking a risk and pumping out classics like Syndicate and Dungeon Keeper. Now we just have EA molesting the IP

  • Doesn’t look too bad for an alpha IMO. Don’t think it’ll stand up well next to the DayZ standalone though 🙂 doesn’t seem to do anything “new”

    • The thing this game will hopefully do is light a fire under the Ass of the DayZ developers and get them adding more new stuff to the game.

      • Agreed. Hey SA Developers… SOE has vehicles… in their alpha… that work better then vehicles ever have in DayZ… get on dis … 🙂

  • I’d really love a zombie mmo where the undead are actually a threat. Huge crowds you are forced to team up with other players to take on and them sneaking up behind you and taking a chunk. Unlike what I watched here, in which the one zombie was swatted away like a fly.

  • Yeah, I’d like that. I know it’s market driven, but it’s still frustrating. In my ideal world the phrase “if you liked X you’ll love Y” pretty much wouldn’t exist.

    I know it’s a petty and stupid whinge, but I’m in a petty and stupid mood and zombies always set me off 🙂

    Edit: That was to @spyder, but Kotaku’s whole login and reply system seems a bit busted at the moment.

    • Haha yeah I get you… and I agree, it would be nice to see innovation take a more prominent role in the game industry. Games that push the boundaries successfully do get recognition, but with sales largely dictating creative direction they tend to be the exception rather than the rule…

      (and yeah, the comment system has been a bit screwy for a couple of weeks now!)

  • Lost interest in this when they said they would not have any Aus servers. If they ever rectify this then maybe I’ll get interested again.

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