Watch The Oculus Rift Bring Lag To Real Life

Lag, latency — any of those online gaming issues. It's a thing we Australians are painfully used to. But what if lag existed in real life?

This video is an advertisement for internet, and it's also an advertisement that somehow manages to conflate latency with bandwidth. But I can live with that — because it's funny. Also, it's people using the Oculus Rift and I never get tired of watching people use the Oculus Rift.

It also just shows you how bloody difficult we have it here in Australia. Goddammit I could have been a Halo pro if it wasn't for latency in this country*

*Disclaimer: I was a bit shit at Halo and at no point was I ever close to being pro.


    An animation about real life lag
    also, the rest of that guys stuff (Guy J Collins) is pretty amazing, bonus points for him being an Australian too =D

      Oh man, all this lag. I mean there's the lag between the real world and how long it takes for light to travel to our eyes and then our brains to register the signal. SO MUCH LAG! :P

    Goddammit I could have been a Halo pro if it wasn’t for latency in this country

    It's not bad if you can get a local host. Thankfully Halo: Reach still has that option and still available for people to play.
    and why would you want to be a Halo pro? Wouldn't you prefer having fun? :P

    What we really need to do is strap that thing to Turnbulls head. Although he'll probably just pay someone else to wear it and think that's a viable option.

    Some people have fun by striving to be the best. I'm one of those people, and I know how frustrating it is to be held back because of connection.

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