Welcome To The University Of Trials Fusion

Just picked up Trials Fusion for the first time? Struggling? This is where the University of Trials comes in, teaching the basics to folks new to the series how to master all those tricky skills required, particularly towards the end.

The University of Trials is the work of FatShady, a Kotaku Australia legend. This is the man that helped solve the Trials HD riddle. This is the man that is always seconds (sometimes minutes) ahead of me on the leaderboards. Now, for the purpose of these videos, he's transformed himself into Professor FatShady and he's here to help you.

This time round things are pretty basic, but if you've watched previous episodes in the series you'll find that FatShady is pretty good at making difficult things sound easy. As someone who is obsessed with the Trials series, I'm looking forward to some of the later episodes in the series, where I'm sure he'll explain some of the techniques required to beat the more difficult tracks.. HELP ME FATSHADY YOU'RE MY ONLY HOPE!


    I need an upvote button on articles.
    I have nothing to say because I don't play Trials, but I need to acknowledge FatShady because ("Ooooooooooooh, Fatshady!" I still think that every time I see his name. :P ) FatShady is doing awesome things.

      Thanks Strange. As much as I love Trials I've really found this series (last semester and the 3 classes i've done in this one) has really taught me a lot about video editing. I'm no pro but i've enjoyed the trial and error process. Pretty happy about how this series turned out.

      (Also nice design btw, didn't get around to replying but thats looking nice :)

    I remember learning from you with the last Trials. Now that I'm semi-experienced I'm breezing through the normal game so far. As for the new trick system thing... I think I need a bit more practice.

    Keep on doing these videos!

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