What Are You Playing This Weekend

Here's a bit of a weird one: I've started playing Pikmin 3 again. Not from any real choice of my own. My wife is forcing me.

Last Friday night I came home and my wife was all like, 'play Pikmin with me'. I hate co-op gaming, always have. So, being the terrible husband I am, I've always found excuses to not play Pikmin 3 with my wife, but this time there was no escape.

I had fun. A lot of fun actually. We played the challenges in Pikmin 3 which are super well designed and tough. And my wife can be stubborn. She wants to completely 'platinum' every level, which can often require a fair amount of pre-planning.

So I think I might be getting roped into more Pikmin 3 this weekend.

And of course I'll be playing Dark Souls.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Your wife is cool :P

    I really wanna try out co-op Pikmin. Actually wait, wasn't there something about DLC with extra challenge levels? Might have to look into that, although then it breaks my "no nonphysical software" rule...

    Thinking about starting Pokemon this weekend.

    Hungry Hungry Hippos!

      Got tired of playing the waiting game huh?

        You know it! Plus it's a damn fine game on its own right.

          Sure, right up until you realise that half the little balls have disappeared under various couches/cracks in time and space and you can't really play the game any more.

            But hippos, Gooky. HIPPOS.

              More games should have hippos.

              Like Space Station Silicon Valley.

    Not sure at the moment. If my copy of The Lego Movie game comes in the mail today then it'll be that. If not then probably just some Plants Vs. Zombies: GW. Probably all I'm gonna have time for anyway, gonna be pretty flat out at work seeing as today's the last day of school.

    Infamous Second Son and Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition Extra Long Title Plus Alpha Hyper Fighting

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    My copy of Prof Layton Vs Phoenix Wright arrived so I can't wait to get home and play that :)

    Need to beat 8-4 of Super Mario Bros For Super Players, almost there!!

    Also, I couldn't sleep last night so ended up playing Mario Galaxy 2 until 4am. Might play more on the weekend.

    I'm in the same boat as you. Co-oping The Lego Movie with my girlfriend now. We struggle to find good Couch Co-Op games that we both enjoy. The best we've played togher so far would have to be Borderlands 2.

    Also when A Realm Reborn came out I boughy a smaller soniq tv just so we can play online together. Such good times.

    Probably crying to myself as I remember wasted moments from my past.

    Oh, sorry, playing, not doing. FFX maybe? Probably just sitting, staring at my Steam library for fourteen hours straight, that's about as much of a game as the loading bar game on a PS3, right?

      The Crying Game, eh. Watch out for surprises my friend!

    Playing Rayman with my wife was one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had.

      Couldn't agree more man. Wife co-op is the best =3

    Here’s a bit of a weird one: I’ve started playing Pikmin 3 again. Not from any real choice of my own. My wife is forcing me

    *Makes whip-cracking sound*

    Just bought a PS4 this week, so I'll be getting stuck into some of those games... Killzone Shadowfall, Battlefield 4, Resogun, Mercenary Kings, might give Outlast a go, too.

    I'm playing this shitty game of "Moving House". What really sucks is that I'm moving somewhere I don't want to be.

      that blows man. I know the feel.

        and I'm going to spend the next week to 3 months looking for a new place to live but I'll be challenged by rich kids whose income is their parents allowance that they'll use to offer a higher rent per week.

          know that feel too, after playing the renting game in inner city melbourne during peak student times. the amount of rich dads we saw being led around by the nose by their spoilt kids sickened me.

            and I just heard from my co-worker that she managed to find a new place to live by offering extra on the weekly rent.

              yup. totally viable tactic. we hit the jackpot where we are and we didn't have to offer, but it was the next thing for us to do if we were knocked back from our dreamhouse.

    I'm going to try and give the PS4 some runtime this weekend, feel like I've been neglecting it, not for the lack of games, just been smashing games on the Vita.

    Infamous : Second Son
    Mercenary Kings
    Zen Pinball 2

    and I can see my weekend already over!

    i will be playing Diablo 3 with my little brother :) time to stomp some demon scum.

    Landmark is surprisingly addictive
    Also some D3: RoS

    Same thing as last week. Iracing GT3 Challenge and Spec Racer Ford Championship series. Interspersed with some Titanfall and Bravely Default

    Tomb Raider (DE) whenever my wife is napping to avoid spoiling her, Titanfall when I need to scratch a multiplayer itch, FTL Advanced Edition whenever the TV is occupied. Might even rebuy it for iPad so I can play it in bed.

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    It's International Tabletop Day tomorrow. I'm going to see what the FLGS in Dubbo is like and probably leave fairly quickly once I discover that it's yet another store dedicated to Magic: the Gathering.

    man, i really need to find a partner who will game with me.

    i'm planning on finishing dishonoured and then seeing how far through the mass effect trilogy i can plough before monday. (looking forward to an extra hour of gaming when we finally lose daylight savings though!)

    Reaper of Souls. I've been smashing through hardcore torment 1 and I want a bit more of a challenge, so it's time to boost up my resist all and crit chance.

    Battlefield 4 - Naval Strike, GTA Online or some Civilization 5

    Downloaded Risen off GOG last night so probably that. Maybe some Dragon Age 2 and Lego Batman 2 with my girlfriend.

    Playing Mercenary Kings (PS4 hasn't seen much use as of late, finished all the games I own).
    Platinuming Killzone: Mercenary (2700 kills to go = 3 more playthroughs...)
    Finishing Mirror's Edge, never got around to it back in the day, and it looks great on my new 55" 3D TV.
    Hmmm?.. Think that's it!

    Goat Simulator, I've also had a weird hankering to play Medal of Honor Pacific Assault/Allied Assault so that may be a thing for some reason... :-\

    Other than those, Dark Souls 2 (FUCKING RUIN SENTINELS) and Battlefield 4 (PS4)

    Elder scrolls online, Dynasty warriors 8 on ps4 and Deception 2 on vita

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