What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Well, I'm inching closer towards the end of Dark Souls II and, at this stage, I'm actually really looking forward to moving on to something different. Also — Trials Fusion is out soon! What are you playing this weekend?

It's not that I'm not loving Dark Souls II. I still think the original is the better game, but the sequel is incredible nonetheless. It's just that I've spent the last 100 hours of my gaming life in the Dark Souls universe and I'm looking forward to something different.

I might give InFamous: Second Son a quick go over the weekend, or play Luftrausers again, which I liked, but didn't play enough of.

I'm also a little bit obsessed with an iOS game called 'Bonza'. I'd definitely recommend that if you have an iPhone. It's a great, smart little timewaster.



    Picked up Dragons Dogma cheap off Xbox live so I'll be playing that mainly. Maybe some Lego batman if my girlfriend wants to.

    I'm playing Super Mario 3D World. Slogged through the main game, then the extra levels are basically Super Mario Galaxy 3!! Such a shame that they're buried!

    That, and I think I'll start Darksiders II that I borrowed from my brother last year. Oh, and I just bought a whole bunch of stuff on the vita in their Easter sale... being OlliOlli, Spelunky, Retro City Rampage, MGS collection, Lone Survivor, Thomas Was Alone, Stealth Inc and Proteus. This vita thing is pretty awesome!

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    Thinking about maybe going to Supanova.

    Then playing Dark Souls 2.

    Probably ipad it up with some FTL or Hearthstone. Also going through Kirby's Epic Yarn for some co-op kid time, although it's not a real challenge after the 2d Marios.

    Well last week I didn't get around to Tomb Raider DE like I said I would, instead I smashed through Knights of Pen and Paper +1 and Kingdom Rush which I picked up in the PC/Andoid Humble Bundle.

    KoP&P+1 was ok but I got a bit bored with the gimmicks and homages to gaming jokes/memes by the end. Kingdom Rush I played in-browser a long time ago and it's kind of cool to have a copy synced with Steam so I don't lost my save progress if I forget which of the 4 billion flash game websites I played it on.

    I also revisited XCom which I've been meaning to do but it still came as something of a surprise to myself. I haven't touched it during the week because I don't want to accidentally miss work because I was up to 4am in "one more turn" mode, but looking forward to jumping back in this weekend.

    So, yeah. XCom: Enemy Within, probably. Maybe some Titanfall. Maybe some CiV - I haven't played since I picked up the Brave New World DLC.

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    Gotta finish collecting stuff in The Lego Movie Game
    Maybe Kinect Sports Rivals also

    Star Conflict!

    I'm currently taking a breather from my second DSII run through before I hammer it over the Easter/ANZAC week and playing Deception IV for a bit. I'll also be working towards finishing up my Four Warriors of Light run through.

    Final Fantasy X HD, Diablo 3 RoS and Elder Scrolls Online!

    Probably try to finish Uncharted 2. I'm at 95%, so close. It's a gorgeous game.

    DARK SOULS 2. Going to make the mirror knight my bitch.

    Some variety of METAL GEAR

    Got the HD collection of PSN for super cheap.

    Just got my hands on Carmageddon Reincarnation, gonna give that a whirl on the projector with new titan fall controller ;)

    My copies of Lego The Hobbit (ordered it for both 360 and Xbone) only got dispatched yesterday, so it won't be that. Just finished 100%ing The Lego Movie game yesterday, so this weekend I'm gonna try and go back and finish a few games that I just left hanging, like South Park: TSoT, Tomb Raider: DE, and maybe Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2.

    Also got Superstars V8: Next Challenge and Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition in the mail today, so a bit of those. And if I get any more time some Plants Vs Zombies: GW and Titanfall on 360.

    Edit: Just remebered that they just released Fulgore for Killer Instinct, so I really should play some of that as well seeing as I haven't even touched it since I bought the Ultimate Edition (whatever it was called).

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    Welp, I need to figure out what to now I've gotten the ashen mist heart dealy in dark souls 2 and pump 5 more levels into my faith to use an awesome staff, might visit my townsfolk in animal crossing to see what's new after 4+ months and then get super sad when I realise all of the townfolk have moved onto greener pastures where their mayor doesn't vanish for months on end. and they don't have to give people misdirected mail themselves.

    Other than that, check in on my pokemon team and maybe giving the last of us one more chance to click otherwise it's going behind the lounge never to be seen again.

    Infamous : Second Son
    Hatsune Miku : Project Diva f

    Final Fantasy X& X-2

    I feel a little burnt out on Dark Souls 2 at the moment. I'm up to the Iron Keep and there are soo many ways to die in that place compared to other areas. It doesn't sound like I'm too far in, but I missed the turn into the Iron Keep and went all the way to defeat the Spider boss.

    Usually when I clock up to 50hours of a game my mind gets into the 'ok let's just clock this already' stage. So a break will be nice, which works out due to Law Assignments being due soon haha.

    So if I play anything, maybe get back into a Realm Reborn with my friends, maybe play around in Ground Zeroes again.

      I know exactly how you feel, I was feeling burnt out on it myself. Only gone through The Forest Of Fallen Giants, Heide's Tower Of Flame, No-Man's Wharf and The Lost Bastille. Currently up to fighting The Pursuer and The Ruin Sentinels, got a bit sick of having my arse handed to me, so I'm giving it a rest for a bit, might pick it up again in a few weeks.

        No-Man's Wharf is a massive train. Especially those creepy black blob hand creatures (as you can tell I have no idea what they are called). The the Pursuer is spawning where I defeated the Smelter boss. Was doing pretty well until he stuck his sword through me and cursed me haha.

        Think I might lay down and play some Animal Crossing or something haha.

        Summon some phantoms yo!

    Whats the crap is going in here? Why is no one playing ESO? I'll be on that and world of tanks

    PVZ: Garden Warfare, Titanfall, FF XIII 2, Super Paper Mario

    Can't. Stop. Pokemon.


    Titanfall on 360 if i can figure out the port forwarding stuff

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