What Are You Playing This Weekend?

My answer to this question may or may not surprise you! For the first time in just about months I'll most likely spent my gaming time away from the Dark Souls universe. I'll be playing, of course, Trials Fusion. What are you playing this weekend?

I've got a few hours in the can with the game so far and my early thoughts? The tracks of Trials Fusion don't seem as memorable as they did in Trials Evolution, but that sort of thing tends to take time (and multiple replays) to get going.

And, for me at least, it's all about the 'extreme' tracks. I think I'll wait until I hit those before making any final judgement on the track design.

The tricks though? Not a fan. Seems a bit forced, almost as though Red Lynx felt the need to add something new, when the truth is, Trials really is perfect in terms of physics and controls. It doesn't need tricks.

But yeah, that'll be my weekend. Trying to get gold on all the tracks, all the way through to the end. What are you planning to play this weekend?


    Moebius, the new Jane Jensen game. Very tempted to start part 2 of Broken Sword 5 but at the same time two adventures at once might be too much for any one man to handle.

    Probably Kerbal Space Program since I got a multiplayer server running. And some Spacebase DF-9. Aaaaand I have warhammer to paint.

    If I had money I might give Trials a go. Never played any Trials games.

      You should try trials, it's pretty awesome but definitely benefits from a controller

        Like I said, if I had money!

          Well @fatshadylive might have a spare beta code knocking about. I'd offer you the one I'll get from the preorder but thanks to being skint I'll pretty much be doing that a few hours before the game comes out so not much chance to try it.

    Ah, Easter weekend. Traditionally the time of year I can sit down and power through a decent sized game from whoa to go. Haven't decided what to play this year since I just finished Dark Souls 2.

    I dnt really do Easter. I dnt really like chocolate and all that religious crap that goes with it. But while my wife wife trys to push herself into a diabetic hyperglycemic coma, i'll be balls deep in Pokemon X & Titanfall.

    No more pokemon!

    Although I'm meeting up with friends tomorrow and they'll probably have their heads buried in it half the time, so that'll probably end up changing things.

    Was going to try and finish Alan Wake, but I'm just not into it as a game. The story is intriguing enough, so I may watch one of the movie edits on YouTube, but it's not my kind of game.

    So on to Goodbye Deponia!

    Not a lot of gaming this weekend as I've gotta head up the coast for family *sigh*... But I'll be taking my Vita/3DS so I'll be swapping between Zelda: ALBW and Olli Olli/Sly Raccoon.

    If any gaming is had at home, it'll be farming D3 and going through inFamous: SS and Trials Fusion! Took me a little while to get sucked into inFamous SS (which is strange considering i loved the first 2) but I think it's due to the fact I've been playing too much AC Black Flag and had to readjust to the movement lol

    I've spent this morning playing Drox Operative in my underwear. What a great game. Spewin' I was late to the party. It's EXACTLY like Diablo, except the character you build up is your space ship.

    Well since Trials isn't out yet on PC, I'll be cooping sniper elite v2 with a mate, probably checking out broken sword 5 part 2 and continuing to pirate it up with the PS4 version of AC4

    Since my copies of Lego The Hobbit arrived yesterday it'll be that, Trials Fusion and Plants Vs Zombies: GW.

    Finishing the Omega DLC in ME3, then moving onto the rest of the story, other DLC and the extended ending. Still a while away, methinks.

    Titanfall and Trials fusion. Good week of games coming into my household this week.

    So far I've got in a bit of NFS Rivals on my PS4. That game is extremely addictive. However, I'm almost rank 20 and the difficulty spike around 18-19 is insane.

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