What If You Woke Up In Your Favourite Video Game?

Here's a creepy bit of personal history for you: when I was nine years old I loved Monkey Island so much I wanted to fall asleep and wake up in that world. AFK, a video series seeking funding on Kickstarter, asks that question: what would happen if you did wake up inside your favourite video game and you couldn't go back.

Created by New Zealander Peter Haynes, AFK follows a group of gamers who have been transported into an MMO, as their MMO characters, minus all the skills they had in the game world. They now have to fend for their lives using skills they have in the real world. Plenty of footage has already been recorded and edited but the team is looking for extra funding to fully realise what will be a 10 part web-series divided into 7-10 minute episodes. So far it looks pretty well-made. It depends heavily on a number of tropes, but AFK looks like a fun 'what-if?' piece of film making that is completely switched on to MMO culture. I, for one, would like to see the finished product.

You can check out the Kickstarter here.


    Soooo... a reboot of the 80's Dungeons & Dragons cartoon? ;)

      Anyone else remember Captain N? :P

        remember it....... i have it still, my missus refuses to let me watch it on the TV its that bad.

      Kind of, if Bobby woke up in the body of a voluptuous valkyrie, and Venger was a 15 year old Griefer :)

    Peter Haynes from NZ... Didn't he do "Fanboys" (before Hollywood decided to make the same movie with the same name) and Angels 2200?

      Hi Bob, that's me :)

    everyone on here would get killed by intruders and tough as nails bosses. This is not a well thought out idea Mark :P

    I would crash and die within all of three seconds because I'm nowhere near trained enough to be able to drive on a track at hundreds of kilometres per hour.

    While it sounds like an interesting idea, MMOs are kind of overused as far as being trapped in games plots go. (.//Hack, SAO, etc.) I'd really love to see a good film adaptation of Space Demons or something along those lines.

      Even though I haven't seen it, I immediately thought of Sword Art: Online when I read this article.
      So its not exactly a new concept.
      And as the OP said...D&D did it in the 80s!

      Space Demons! Skymaze! Loved those books!

    I would wake up on the Normandy SR1 or SR2 in Mass Effect and would be happy not to go back.

    Wake up in System Shock 2 or Stalker? I'll pass.

    Or a kind of live action Sword Art Online.

    waking up as Orctimus Prime the dragon born with deadric armour and dual deadric swords I like my chances.

      Haha I love the name

        Was a stroke of genius that day but had a lot to live up to my mate named his Elvish Presley lol

    Kicked off a boat in Seyda Neen. Punch Fargoth in face. Success.

    The obvious one is that I'll catch all of the pokemans.

      That will never happen. The moment you capture them all, another region will open up later.

    I would be enjoying a nice jaunt through space with Jeb, until we crashed into the sun....

    This concept was handled really well (and with his usual fabulous dark humour) in Chris Brookmyre's book Bedlam (soon to also be a video game).

    Paperboy. Wait, that's so close to my daily commute as to make no odds.

    If I woke up in lemmings, would I be the Cursor of God, or a lemming?

      I think if you woke up in Lemmings, you'd find 20 or more copies of yourself and suddenly take on a given task until the detonate (?) button is pressed.

    Pretty much any Star Wars game out there...

    I'm with you Mark, but there can surely only be one Guybrush Threepwood?

    So no one has seen The Legend of Neil?


    I'd wake up and instantly mutter "I didn't ask for this"

    I'd wake up on an Island all to myself. But at least I'll have a few intact books to keep me sane.

    So nobody else thought of Tron or digimon straight away?

    My favourite game is Mortal Kombat.

    If I woke up in the MK universe...oh dear...

    It's all fun and games until someone loses a head...

      Look on the bright side: at least you won't need an X-Ray to see broken bones.

    So, I'd be tasked with collecting 150 eggs, and a rabbit in a cloak is taunting me, and my companions are a dragonfly and a cheetah...
    I'm okay with this.

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