What The Walking Dead's Zombies Are Actually Eating

What The Walking Dead's Zombies Are Actually Eating

On TV's The Walking Dead, no punches are pulled when it comes to showing the zombies ringing the dinner bell. There is gnashing, gnawing and the swallowing of flesh. But did you ever wonder just what kind of flesh it was?

Turns out all those zombie actors/extras get a pretty sweet deal, because the chunks of meat they're eating isn't some generic TV prop, it's ham. Sweet, delicious ham. In earlier seasons, the ham was covered in BBQ sauce, but it turns out the vinegar was messing up their zombie makeup, so now it's "just" ham.

WARNING: If you're not up-to-date on the show, you'll probably want to avoid the video below. One of the zombies pictured is a spoiler.

7 Walking Dead Things You (probably) Didn't Know! [Cinefix, via technabob]


    All this tike I thought it was humam remains.

    Last edited 02/04/14 8:03 am

    I knew it wasn't Kosher!

    Oh and thanks for the spoiler alert, it would have really pissed me off had I watched it!

    I am so annoyed at this. I read the spoiler alert, so I didn't watch, but it 100% looks like grimes???

    Man I'm unto the last episode and Ill be annoyed if its grimes, that picture looks like him.....

    So, Jewish Zombies are probably out of the question...

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