Which Gaming System Do You Use Most?

Which Gaming System Do You Use Most?

Here at Kotaku, we cover games for just about every major gaming system out there. PC, gaming consoles, handhelds, smartphones, web browsers... we have it all.

But it's been a while since we asked you, our readers, what systems you use to play games. Today, I thought I would.

For this poll, you can only make one choice, but it doesn't have to be all that scientific. Just vote for the platform you'd say you use the most if someone casually asked you. By "most", I mean the most hours, the most games, the thing you use to play video games more than any other one thing. Also, sorry the poll layout is a little weird - our site has been grumpy about polldaddy polls lately. To vote for a gaming system, fill in the dot above it, not the one below it.

Tina wanted me to put a "Tamagotchi" option on here, and I told her that it would be included under "Other". So if you mostly play Tamagotchi, vote for "Other".


    Right now it's a toss up between PC and Vita. went with PC.

    It is my Mac first then iPhone then PS4 then PS Vita.

    Since Dark Souls 2 came out I haven't touched my Wii U or PS4... I've even given up on Infamous and DK: Tropical Freeze.

      Exact same literally LOL. Dark Souls is like 100 hours since release and Tropical Freeze and Second Son sit there started waiting, waiting for me to come back and complete them.

    30 Votes for Amazon Fire TV? Is that even available to buy in Australia?!!?

    I'm a PC gamer, but I've got a PS3, 360 and Wii sitting there gathering dust. Just difficult to play games on the couch/big screen I find. I need a more "intimate" setting the PC offers. I do use the PS3 extensively for media stuff, like Blu-Ray, Netflix, DLNA streaming, etc. But as a gaming console, nope.

      I'm thinking people might be getting confused with their Kindle Fire.

        or trolls perhaps..

        can't go over bridges these days without being hassled by them and their riddles...

    Windows followed by OS X followed by iOS, followed by PSP (original, not Vita), followed by my 360 which collects dust.

    Overall it'd be either the 3DS (the Ace Attorney machine) or PC (that thing that plays FTL and the monthly Telltale release), but I bought a cheap PS3 recently to catch up on all the exclusives, so I'll probably be binging on that for a while.

    Given that PlayTV is basically running all the time when I watch TV, PS3.

    I mostly play stuff on my PC at the moment, but that's an almost incidental thing while my wife uses the Xbox One/TV to play something, or watch blu-rays or youtube. If I didn't have to share I'd probably be catching up on my Xbox 360 pile of shame.

    I keep Buying SNES games and playing them, runner up would be Wii's virtual console...to play more SNES games. I am on the lookout for an American SNES as I want to play some Super Famicom games now.

    Mainly PS3 at the moment going to use the easter break to try and clear up as much of my ridiculous backlog as I can while I'm off Uni.

    PC all the way for me.

    I also have PS3 but I use that as more of a media centre than a gaming console, but I do play sports games and Dark Souls/MGS/Uncharted etc on it.

    XBox 360, then Xbone, then PS3, then PC, then phone.

    it varies depending on what game is released, id say id use my ps3/4/vita, 3ds, 360, and pc equally.

    right now though in the last week ive been going pretty hard on FFXIV on ps4

    PC (by a mile) followed by Android, followed by iOS

    I voted Xbone, but honestly it is close between that and Smartphone. I play on my phone every day, but Xbone maybe twice a week for much longer periods, so I went with that.

    Pc since buying d3 reaper of soul 3xlvl 70's lol
    Then ps3 co-op borderlands 2 with a mate and his gf
    Ps4 Bought infamous second son yesterday had a 7 hour gaming session (ds4 battery don't last long)

    PC. My Xbox 360 hasn't been turned on in months, my PS3 gets turned on once or twice a month to get PS+ games that I never play, my PS4 hasn't been on since I finished inFamous. My Vita and 3DS sit on shelves, completely discharged, one awaiting games, the other awaiting me to actually finish the three I own.

    So, PC, mostly out of convenience, though. I have one chair, it is in front of my desk where my PC resides, and my PC is always either on and ready, or asleep and ready in a few seconds. My most-played games are literally at my fingertips - Win+3 for Rocksmith, Win+4 for ESO, etc... and the rest are a couple of mouse-clicks away, or started with five key presses via windows search. Everything is just accessible immediately. And when I'm finished, one keyboard press to send it back to sleep. I guess I'm a convert. *sheepish grin

    Why is Virtual Boy in the image but not in the poll? How am I supposed to vote for it? :P

    A year ago it would have been 3DS. But then the cataclysm happened and that got laid to rest for a long while, so the most played in the meantime is the Wii U.

    *double air-first*


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