Which Is Cooler, Mickey With A Keyblade Or Mickey With A Lightsaber?

Which Is Cooler, Mickey With A Keyblade Or Mickey With A Lightsaber?

Raise all 29 toy-based characters to level one in Disney Infinity and you’ll score a glowing green Star Wars surprise. NerdFlip shows us how it’s done.

There are two Disney properties players have been clamoring for since the debut of Disney InfinityStar Wars and Marvel Comics. With the latter slated to be revealed during a press event on April 30, could magical adventures in space be far behind?


  • Oh my… we own all the ones that have been released. Time to get our asses in gear!

  • All 29 characters purchased individually is about $500, take into the multipacks lets say about $400, that isn’t including the game. So $400 invested into a game to get a lightsaber hmmm

    • I find these comparisons hard to take when we consider how much people insist on paying for yearly revisions.of games (ac and cod) and their ‘season passes’ which get you only digital content and have now reached insanely offensive pricings. My kid actually plays with his skylander toys and infinity figures, cant say Ive ever seen a kid play with a COD season pass the same way…

      • Sorry, didn’t mean to suggest it was a waste of money, I just think that if people have invested that much money into this game by buying all 29 available characters to date, the reward should be something more significant than a glowing stick to play with. Perhaps a unique special item for each character or something.

        • There’s a heap of stuff they release and update with the game in the toybox mode. But the biggest issue with the game isn’t the stuff they give, it’s the stuff you *cant* do. The toybox is a limited area, a sandbox. Certain levels only work with certain characters, not a free-for-all like it *should* be. They need to work on that, only then will it be truly worth it.

  • Which is better… X + [Y weapon] or X + lightsaber? Answer is always ‘X + lightsaber’.

    (Let alone when it’s a keyblade. Jesus. Who could take that seriously? Why not ask us if a feather duster is better?)

    • Really? Two people downvoted because they thought a keyblade was better than a lightsaber??? Pfffft.

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