While The Working Hours Away With This Trials Fusion Stream

Watch live video from RedLynxOfficial on www.twitch.tv If you're anything like me, you're most likely working hard on the last day before the long weekend, hyped and primed to rush home and play a bunch more Trials Fusion. If you're looking for something to pass the time, you could do a lot worse than RedLynx's Trials Fusion stream.

Also, FatShady, one of Kotaku Australia's favourite sons, is planning to make an appearance on the stream at some point. That'll be worth watching for alone.

And speaking of which, FatShady and I are working on a conversational discussion of Trials Fusion for Kotaku Australia in case you're looking for more impressions of the game. Stay tuned for that.


    Curious to know what you guys think of it after it getting a pretty average review from Ausgamers.

      As someone who played it last night. I give it a meh out of WOWSERS. It's good, but I dont like the artistic style. Seems rather stagnant and the stupid voices that talk over the races will drive you nuts. Makes you want to choke someone. The tricks are useless and glitchy and could have been dropped altogether. I think I'll complete this and go straight back to Trials Evolution. The colour seems more vibrant and the levels more varied. The tracks are SIMPLE and even the medium ones were complete walk throughs. The golds are EXTREMELY easy to achieve. I wouldn't suggest anyone to buy it. Trials Evo is the way to go.

      Yeah I read that. Shame but its his opinion. Sounded likehe blasted through each track then got to the credits and wrote a review. Ive pkayed 8ish hours and id struggle to write a review properly. The game comes alive with platinum medals and the quest for them. Could be wrong but unfortunately he wadnt enjoying enough to do that.

        I look forward to the hunt for platinum then! :) Tally ho!

    Anyone having trouble connecting to the ubisoft server?

      Yep, everything seems to be working but none of my track times save. Also wtf is up with no online multi, i talked couple mates into getting it and its local only.

    I thought it came out on the 25th :/ ah well I've had the beta for awhile now, it's actually pretty good. I'm keen to start playing the rest of the levels :D

    The game is awesome of of 5. If you like evo, you will like fusion. The difficulty curve kicks in around the third last zone - you can cruise up until then if you have any trials experience. The FMX mode will not be for everyone but it is a great changeup. It rocks. Just go buy it now. (Unashamed Trials fanboy...)

    I've always been a fan of the Trials game, but when it comes to Fusion I'm not sure I want to fork out $29 for the XBLA version. $29 for a Trials game?! Why the climb in price?! I downloaded & played the demo & my god, I've never seen a Trials game look so bad. So many jagged edges it hurt my eyes.

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