While You Were Sleeping

Allo, allo everyone. What's all this, then? Appears to be some form of aggregation of overnight news, so you can get caught up on all the overnight fluff. Have at it, then!

Well, we had a quiet April Fools day on Kotaku, and decided to not bother with the mildly funny, slightly confusing joke posts. It seems quite a few sites felt the same way. But if you want to get caught up on the best gags from Japan, Ashcraft has you covered.

Ever bumped into someone because both of you were looking at your smartphone? Well, here's what would happen if 1,500 people were doing the same thing.

If that doesn't prove mesmerising enough, here's what would Tom and Jerry would be like if they were anime characters.

Andrejs Skuja is the latest featured artist in Fine Art, and as a pleasant break from guns and spaceships, he focuses on more personal matters. As in, persons.

What do you think the oldest torrent is on The Pirate Bay? A movie? An mp3? Pr0nski? Incorrect! Find out here.

In Short

Computer Simulation Of 1500 People Looking At Smartphones And Walking Tom And Jerry With Anime Characters Is Surreal Fine Art: Geez, Buddy, You Look Like You've Had A Really Bad Day Pirate Bay's Oldest Torrent Is Not Porn, Music Or A Video Game Some Of Japan's Best April Fools' Jokes


    Anyone else get really bad lag in Titanfall on Xbox One last night? Australian servers were giving me 172ping, East Asia was a little bit better on 150ms.

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