While You Were Sleeping

Morning everyone. Thanks for Junglist who covered Kotaku in my sicky-absence yesterday. I've got some sort of energy sucking disease and I have no idea what. Please ignore any fever induced rants that appear on Kotaku today! Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, this is the news you might have missed.

Big news: Homestar Runner actually updated its site today. That's crazy. Find out all the details here.

But the big story this week has been that heinous Game_Jam show that was produced that ended up being a complete and utter disaster. Here is another eye witness account. If you weren't across this before, you have to read this.

Goat Simulator is in the wild and it has mini games! Secret mini games. This is how to find them.

What else? Well this is apparently one of the best new anime released this winter season in Japan, and a grown man was arrested for stealing a child's 3DS with Pokemon. The lowest of the low.

In Short The Problems With A Video Game Reality Show Contract Grown Man Arrested For Stealing A Child's Pokemon 3DS How To Play Goat Simulator's Secret Mini Games Homestar Rinner Actually Updated Today. Wow. Sakura Trick Is My Favourite Anime Of The Winter Season


    Loving the 'Mountain Dew' tag on the Game_Jam story. Worth a chuckle to see what else got that tag.

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