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Welcome to the new week and welcome to While You Were Sleeping.

Well Elder Scrolls Online is in the wild. It's been in the wild for a while what with betas and what not, but this is the real deal baby! Has anyone here been playing? Seems like a lot of people are upset over the game's subscription system.

Watch Dogs: it's coming closer than you think. Planning to play it on PC? This is how burly your specs must be to play and/or get the most out of it.

This article is interesting: it's about next gen games and how they've stopped this particular writer from enjoying some of the new last gen games. I'm the exact opposite: I've hardly touched my Xbox One or PS4 in months.

Hey, it's been a while since we've had a good old fashioned 'gamer-proposes-to-significant-other-in-video-game-land' post! Glad to see they haven't disappeared on us!

And has how long has WWE's The Undertaker been cosplaying as an Assassin's Creed character?

In Short Guy Proposes Using Skyrim Magic Item. She Says Yes! Your PC Must Be This Burly To Play Watch Dogs Players Upset Over The Elder Scrolls Online's Subscription System The Undertaker's Outfit Looks Awfully Familiar Why I Haven't Been Playing Last Gen Games Much Anymore


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