While You Were Sleeping

The week ploughs ahead and the furrow that is video game news continues behind. Let's forge ahead and sow the seeds with knowledge of events that transpired whilst we were catching Zzzs. Verily.

I can't believe I opened While You Were Sleeping with a farming metaphor.

Game of Thrones. I'm sorry but we're still talking about it. I'm sorry-not-sorry. First we have this amazing game which is just about you slapping Joffrey a lot. Also, Christina Hendricks totally wants to be on Game of Thrones even though she's never seen an episode before.

As someone who has fast forwarded through every character creation system ever invented, this incredible new system is not for me, but you might love it: it's the world's coolest character creation system.

What else? Well Peter Molyneux has attacked Kinect and Square-Enix has this amazing photoreal tech that it should totally use in a JRPG.

In Short It Feels Like An Unnecessary Add On I Hope JRPGs Use This Stunning Photoreal Tech Game Of Thrones Game Has You Slapping Joffrey A Lot Christina Hendricks Thinks She'd Be A Natural Fit In Game Of Thrones Meet The World's Coolest Character Creation System


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