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Hello everyone, welcome to While You Were Sleeping. We talk about news, and how tired we are. But mostly news.

But first, something silly. You know how you've always wanted to watch a hedgehog impersonate Pikachu? Come on, I can't be the only one here! Now you can finally do it. You can make your Pikachu/hedgehog dreams come true. This is the stuff dreams are made of.


The anime guides on Kotaku are my favourite. I found Attack on Titan through this — BEFORE IT WAS COOL PEOPLE, BEFORE! So if you want to be a totally cool dude I recommend checking the new guide out.

What else? Well you could watch this man do weird Nintendo related things to his dog. That's an option. Or you could check out this new first person scuba diving game. I recommend you watch Franklin jump over 28 exploding buses in Grand Theft Auto V.

In Short Here's Frankline Jumping Over 28 Exploding Buses In GTA V Groomer Turns DOg Into Nintendo Nightmare Fuel Thanks Goodness Someone Is Making A New First Person Swimming Game Hedgehog Impersonates Pikachu And More Your Complete Spring 2014 Anime Guide


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