While You Were Sleeping

Awesome Photos From The Atari Landfill This was a cool moment of spectacle. Loved it.

Dark Souls II Is Not Just About The Constant Trial And Error And Boss Mechanics The create-a-character mode in Dark Souls is surprisingly malleable.

Video Compares Beautiful Racing Game With... Real Life Project CARS is truly ridiculous.

A Game Boy That Looks Like It Could Survive Ten Thousand Years Whoa. Makes me want to drag out my old Game Boy.

The Origin Of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Starring Bruce Willis Yippee-Kai-Ay


    So Kotaku still isn't fixed :(

    The bug is still there that it's claiming I'm not logged in (ie, the top right says "log in"), but I clearly am as I can post comments. I am not receiving any notifications either, I can't see the number of comments on a story on the main page, and the "across our network" section at the bottom is blank. I also continually get errors that I am posting comments too quickly.

    These problems have been going on since the Easter long weekend and are across the whole Allure media network.

    What's going on?

      Yeah there are some problems with a transfer thing that went down over the easter weekend. The tech team are fully aware of all the issues and are working through them. Sorry you've been having problems.

    yay!!! finally an update on the issue, hopefully its resolved soon, thanks Mark

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