Why Does This MMO Seem So Much Better Than The Stuff We Get?

Why Does This MMO Seem So Much Better Than The Stuff We Get?

Black Desert, the Korean MMO that as a fantastic character creation system, is more than just a pretty game, you know. Judging from the trailer below, which showcases some battle mechanics, it also plays differently than many of the MMOs that we know.

It’s almost like something out of an action RPG — Kirk compares it to Dark Souls. Granted, the fact the combat looks this great this may not be surprising: the game pretty much promised us the world last year.

Black Desert releases on PC sometime later this year.


  • I reckon western devs are still plagued by WoW envy and so still keep trying to tweak that same formula instead of building something new from the idea up.
    Although it’s probably the same with eastern devs but they just started with something different.

    • I think another factor is how complex you can let a battle system get while retaining good responsiveness. WoW’s netcode is pretty damn amazing, such that international players with 300-500ms latency on average will find the impact virtually unnoticable compared to someone with 40ms in the US.

      Unfortunately, a lot of the MMOs moving toward the ‘action RPG’ trend aren’t able to handle this quite as effectively. There are degrees of effectiveness ranging from GW2/TSW/TERA with their hybrid action which still have a lock-on to handle a lot of the calculation, to noticeably less responsive TESO. FFXIV and Wildstar seem to be sitting somewhere in between.

      • PSO2 works actually really well for a an Action MMO! And much more fast paced than GW/Terra

      • Agreed – look how broken blocking is for oceanic in TESO endgame. Game badly needs a latency slider mechanism (and an auctionhouse).

    • I’ve been wanting to download TERA for so long, but it’s 50GB! Freaking 50GB! That’s half of my download limit.

      • That’s when Bittorrent comes to the front: throttle it back, let it download in the background over a couple of months, automatically resuming if you log off.

      • Why on earth would anyone ever buy an internet plan that wasn’t unlimited??!!!

        I sometimes download 50 GB in a day.
        Do yourself a favour and get a cheap unlimited plan.

        • quote”Why on earth would anyone ever buy an internet plan that wasn’t unlimited??!!!
          I sometimes download 50 GB in a day.
          Do yourself a favour and get a cheap unlimited plan.”

          Song lyrics “This is Australia….”
          (my cable plans dont even have the option for unlimited) on the other hand I do have 115Mbps

        • @Dolf: The reason is because not everyone lives in bloody America. Believe it or not, there are countries that charge an arm and a leg for 50GB – PER MONTH – of broadband, so good for you that you can “sometimes download 50GB in a day”.

  • I might give this a go when it comes out. The character creation system alone sold me.

    However I don’t see this toppling the Juggernaut that is WoW. I’ve invested too much time and money into the game to just stop playing completely.

  • I play tera since the open day. In and Out. They could have more content, but the combat system is amazing! After you play a game with this sort of “action combat”, like Dark Souls, you cant play tab targeting games like WOW anymore. It’s just boring!

    Also it leads to more challenge. I remember Tera had a dungeon that was impossible to finish if you were carrying n00bs. You needed ppl that actually knew how to dodge on the right time and deal enough dmg.

    • Sounds like something that would frustrate the shit out of me in an MMO environment 😛

      • There are quite a few MMOs with dungeons/encounters requiring everybody, and I do mean everybody, to be on their toes.

        For example in Everquest, there were a couple of encounters where the boss had a very nasty AE covering his forward facing 180 degrees.The strategy was for the tank to park in a corner and hold aggro while everybody beat on his back, while the clerics chain healed the tank.

        If anybody in the raid other than the tank seized aggro even momentarily, the entire raid would be wiped by the AE. That could happen by the damage dealers dealing too much damage; the tank not generating enough aggro; or a healer missing their link in the chain.

        One of these fights lasting ten minutes or more was not unusual.

        Everquest was never an action MMO. My point is that handled correctly, it doesn’t take action RPG game mechanics to make an MMO that requires genuine skill and concentration.

        Of course, it probably helps if your entire player population is in one small area (such as South Korea) so that lag is pretty much nonexistent. Helps even more if the country actually has 21st century communications infrastructure.

  • Honestly, I think its due to the way Koreans actually play their Video Games and more specifically their MMORPGs. Koreans gamers seem to be focused more around Internet Cafes for their gaming, this allows developers of games in Korea to get more of a judgement on a more universal hardware system then developers in the West.

    Western developers have to develop along the lines of the lowest average to ensure the high amount of market share they can get, its why our MMORPGs seem to fall short graphically then those in Korea. Where Korean developers can just put in that extra effort into their grapghics to sell their games.

  • This will come down to ping, and unless they’re willing to put in an AUS server (which they wont) anything above 100 ping will be un-playable.

    • I wouldn’t doubt seeing a Singapore server considering its a Korean game. Most Singapore servers run perfect from Australian ISPs.

    • I play DC Universe Online which is pretty much the same sort of combat, weapon combos mixed with abilities along with dodging, blocking, countering and movement heavy encounters, and latency doesn’t actually cause that huge problems outside of PvP. Even then PvP isn’t that bad provided you know how to fight. This looks a bit more movement heavy but whether or not all that movement is actually how you’ll fight when the game goes live remains to be seen.

  • If I could jump around like that archer I’d be happy, unfortunately in most games mobs either move faster than your character or they rubberband into your character.

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