Woman Uses Her Unbelievable Fingernails To Promote Candy Crush

Woman Uses Her Unbelievable Fingernails To Promote Candy Crush

Tokyo trendsetter Harutamu looks ready to set another fad: Turning your fingernails into ad space.

Harutamu had her nails done up to promote Candy Crush in Japan. The official press release is calling this a “nail advertisement” (ネイル広告 or nairu koukoku).

Japanese site GetNews wonders if this is a world’s first. Kia had a nail promotion in 2011 — though, what Harutamu is doing is slightly different. Surely, something like this has existed before, no?

Harutamu got internet fame earlier this year for her outrageous Coming of Age Day get-up and for helping to create the “hair smiles ” photo trend.

Let’s have a look at how she’s now promoting Candy Crush:

Doing regular things must be… tricky with those nails. Though, Harutamu seems to be anything but “regular.”

世界初のネイル広告!? 黒ギャル・はるたむのデコネイルがすごい [GetNews]

独創的PR会社おくりバント、Twitterで話題の黒ギャル”はるたむ”のネイルに [Adways]

Photos: はるたむ


  • I quit…

    Honestly did not think anything could make me hate King more. But it has happened.

    I need to leave now… My planet needs me.

  • ^also the eyes.

    brb looking dowwnnnnnn. I guess her neck is broken from playing it too much.

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