Xbox One To Drop In China This September

The Xbox One will finally be heading into China later this year. Microsoft’s home console, the first console officially announced for the Chinese market, will launch sometime this September.

Microsoft will launch in China with the help of domestic internet TV company BesTV. Last year, Microsoft announced a joint venture with Shanghai based BesTV in the newly formed Shanghai Free Trade Zone. No information was given in regards to pricing, availability and launch titles. It’s also unclear what features will be available on the Xbox One come launch.


  • Well, I guess that goes part way to explaining the massive delay to a launch in Japan (now that they’re hitting both these markets at the same time).

  • @miketarno
    I think all the launch title only have a downloader burn to the disc and when the disc run, it will run the patcher to download all the files like what all the MMOs are doing now.

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