A Reinterpretation of Final Fantasy VI's Grand Opening

Dayshot: You can almost hear Terra's Theme in the background in artist Carlos Villa's excellent reinterpretation of Final Fantasy VI's grand opening. Magitek Armoured troops are about to enter the remote town of Narshe.

Narshe by zano [DeviantART]

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    Whats this "can almost hear"?? As soon as I see any article about ff6 that music starts playing instantly in my head. Followed by forever rachel then an overwhelming urge to play the game for a 50th time.

    Watching it now I know my mind was filling in a lot of blanks, but that was such a powerful opening. Honestly should go into a roll of things to watch/read before attempting any creative endeavour.

    Narshe. Just reading the name starts a deluge of memories.

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