You Can Now Watch 'Gaming In Color', A Doco About The Gaymer Community

Gaming in Color is a full length documentary feature focused on Queer gaming community and it's out now, taking a spotlight to gaymer culture and the rise of LGBTQ themes in video games.

Funded through a Kickstarter campaign last May, the movies has made its release just 11 months later and features interviews with numerous high profile members of the 'gaymer' community. Much of the documentary's focus is spent on GaymerX event, the very first event exclusively designedfor LGBTQ gamers.

Philip Jones, the Director of Gaming in Color hopes the movie can become the start of something.

"I really believe this film has the best shot at opening the minds and hearts of gamers everywhere," he said. "This documentary, through the voices and experiences of our hardworking and talented cast, shows what a strong and passionate movement that diversity and acceptance in video games has become. It really is an inspiring call to action."

The movie is currently available for purchase here. It's run on a pay what you want scheme, with $1 being the minimum and $15 being the recommended purchase price.


    Sometimes people claim that being homophobic, transphobic, and racist is just a part of 'gaming culture'.

    I always respond with "No, that's a part of Asshole culture, which sometimes dribbles over thanks to games like Call of Duty."

    Selling advocacy? Even with a price tag of a dollar I doubt very few people outside the LGBT community would pay to be advocated too. Unfortunately I doubt it will have anything near the impact factor it could of had.

    Unless I'm missing the point and its a cultural documentary and not about advocacy at all?

      Even in the community I would prefer to keep my dollar

    Thanks for reporting on this, Mark! Would never have known it existed otherwise.

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