Zelda And Sheik Will Be Separate Characters In The New Smash Bros.

Zelda and Sheik Will Be Separate Characters In The New Smash Bros

Briefly: I'm sure these inclusions aren't a surprise — what is a surprise is that these characters will be separate entries, not transformations of each other, unlike in previous games.

Actually, no characters will be able to transform: Samus and Zero Suit Samus will be separate characters.


    Awsome. There were in the beta veraion of ssb melee.
    glad they decided to seperate them.

    I read that as 'Shrek' for a moment, and got really excited.

    SPOILERS! sort of...

      Haha, this was my first thought too. Beat me to it!

      T*** you Patricia! T*** you! That's what spoilers notifications are for. I'm only halfway through Ocarina of Time and you ruined it. You ruined the mystery surrounding Sheik Dammit!. Thanks a lot. Really. Thanks a lot. T***

      Jokes. This was my fifth time through OOT....so nothing was ruined. We're all good Patricia :)

      Last edited 09/04/14 3:11 pm

        I have a terrible memory so my second play-through of OoT 4 or 5 years after the first playthrough I totally forgot who Sheikh is.

    But..But I loved the fact they were one character. Zelda/Sheik was the main character I would use, It was fun being able to beat up one player with zelda then transform and beat up another as Sheik.

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