10 Things You Might Not Know About Nintendo

I knew that Robin Williams named his daughter for The Legend of Zelda, but I did not know that Mario has a 27-foot vertical. Live and learn, I guess.

The latest gaming video from BuzzFeedPop lists a number of enjoyable facts about Nintendo games and consoles. (It's possible there are more than 10, I wasn't sure how to count console sales figures.) I bet some of you know some of them, but I also bet there are one or two in there that most people probably don't know. I'll certainly never look at the cover or Super Mario Bros. quite the same way.

Of course, the internet is just full of things you might not know about various Nintendo products these days, so maybe if we watch enough of these videos, everyone everywhere will actually know all of the things. Can you imagine?


    heh... :) I knew most of them but i never realised about the cover of Super Mario. Might check my cart when i get home lol.

    Every time, I click on these top 10 articles and hope it's not a video. Every time I am disappointed.

      Every. Single. Time.


      Allow me:

      1. Nintendo was founded as a playing card company in 1889
      2. Nintendo still makes a Mario themed version of its playing card game "Hanafuda"
      3. Shigeru Miyamoto was hired in 1977 as Nintendo's first staff artist,
      4. He went onto create Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong (etc. etc. ...you get know the rest)
      5. List of Best Selling Consoles GC: 22m / N64: 32m / SNES: 49m / NES: 62m / Wii: 100m / DS: 153m / Gameboy: 118m (No love for WiiU???? :((
      6. Robin Williams named daughter after Princess Zelda who was named after Zelda Fitzgerald
      7. To scale Mario has a 27ft. vertical leap (no math to back that up)
      8. Kirby's shape was originally just a placeholder for a more detailed version
      9. Mario is about to die on the cover of Mario (NES) (Personally i disagree, i think he's going for a wall jump)
      10. Dudes who made this video cheated, there weren't 10 facts, there were maybe 8 tops but they stretched out a couple..basterds,

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        Spent some of my club nintendo points on getting the mario-themed hanafuda cards :D

          I should probably do the same, I have a tonne of points sitting there, but nothing that really grabs me from the current Australian Club selection (except maybe the cards). I wish Nintendo would upgrade our club, so we can at least redeem our points for digital VC games like the USA. Or give us some good accessories, like the 3DS XL charging dock etc.

          Why don't Nintendo love us? Don't they know we love them?

            Gawd the japanese club nintendo catalogue D: Was in a second hand CD store in japan last week and someone had sold the club-nintendo-only soundtrack for the new kirby game. Bought it on the spot.
            The rest of my points went into the Mario 3D world soundtrack that just got released. Was annoyed the Year of Luigi coin was sold out before I got home the day it came out :/

              Same and I was bummed i missed the Luigi's Mansion Figurine and Diorama, they released a handful of the 5000 here for only 1000 points.

    Mario isn't dying on the cover, he's doing a wall jump.

    The fact that surprised me the most that I read recently was that they've got billions squirelled away and can make a sizable loss each year for the next few decades and still be able to survive.

    I agree though, less videos and more lists. Gamers love lists and hate videos we can't watch while at work.

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