10 Things You Might Not Know About Skyrim

Skyrim is a such a behemoth of a game that, even if you've sunk hundreds of hours into it over the years, there's still a chance you haven't seen everything it has to offer — much less get a glimpse of the game's fascinating development.

Enter DYKGaming/Normal Boots with this great video full of Skyrim trivia, including:

  • How Bethesda turned down the chance to work on a Game of Thrones game to focus on Skyrim
  • What elements of previous Elder Scrolls titles the development team decided to expound upon or leave behind
  • How the game's main theme was recorded in the game's dragon language by a choir
  • How 8 people designed 150 dungeons
  • How a superfan who died of cancer made his way into the game
  • How Skyrim's best easter eggs are actually about other Elder Scrolls titles
  • What some of Skyrim's cut content is — and how you can access it on PC (including how you can kill children in the game. Apparently, it seems as if this "feature" was actually cut from the game).
  • How Mario's voiceactor also voices a dragon
  • How you can see a dragon's burning remains on the game's world map
  • Some weird quirks about the Draugr's appearance

Somehow, the fact that the dungeons were designed by such a small number of people doesn't surprise me — at some point, dungeons start feeling a little samey in the game. And it's fun to think about a Bethesda-developed Game of Thrones, no?


    another video that doesn't actually list the content

    They turned down the chance to work on a Game of Thrones game and instead focused on a game set in a winterscape where dragons are returning to the world.

    ...generic representation of classic European fantasy.

    If there's one thing I didn't like about this, it was the Scandinavian undertones. Not because I don't like Scandinavia (I sure as hell do!) but because it was a reminder of reality. I prefer a world that's completely made up, rather than one that's got references to the real world that just feel out of place.

      I'm having that same impression right now, but with Oblivion. Some of the towns, like Kvatch, Anvil and the Imperial City with their very distinct Anglo-Saxon influences, mannerisms and locales.

        That's the biggest thing I didn't dig about the Elderscroll Series. :(

    @miketarno I should qualify that I don't think it's a plagiaristic coincidence, rather a happy coincidence. After all, winter themed high fantasy (*points to Icewind Dale*) and dragons returning to the world (*points to Dragon Age*), are hardly unique fantasy tropes.

    Damn, I want to play Skyrim now. It's easily one of my top 5 games of all time, no questions.

    And I have to agree with your previous comment, the European accent mixed with the snowy landscape definitely eroded the immersion for me at times. But that's a whole other conversation on accents and fantasy that's really difficult to solve.

    Last edited 13/05/14 12:45 pm

      I agree it probably a coincidence. On that note, cracked.com have a good article on the topic of ripoffs: "7 Classic Movies That Are Shameless Ripoffs". Can't link, but worth a read.

      The worst one of all is Avatar.

        Avatar was not only a ripoff of half a dozen similar movies, it was utterly predictable. It was one giant trope.

          Massive trope. But the Marvel comic it ripped off is blatant. Not even an inspiration - a full on ripoff.

            There has actually been a number of claims made against Avatar that James Cameron has, unsurprisingly, thwarted. Some of the works brought against Avatar are eerily similar.

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