$11,700 Will Make A Great Game Better

$11,700 Will Make A Great Game Better

Remember Kingdom? It was a revelation, a free side-scrolling strategy game that only let you control a single unit. It was a little basic, but then that was part of the appeal, so it will be interesting to see what happens when it evolves into something a little grander.

Dutch indie Thomas van den Berg has taken the game to Kickstarter, with plans to turn the browser title into something with a little more meat on its bones.

The basic premise – ride around as the King gathering peasants and building defences – remains, but the slider on everything else is getting pushed up. There’ll be weather that effects gameplay. More people, more animals. Fire.

He’s also adding a forest to either side of your fortification, in which you can have random encounters and earn stuff like perks and technology advances.

He’s asking for €8000 ($11,700), with plans for an iOS release, with Android and PC to follow. Rmember, if you’re curious, this thing is already playable in its original form. [Kickstarter]