12 Things You Might Not Know About Team Fortress 2

The Team Fortress 2 that we know and love underwent a lot of changes during development — enough that it’s fascinating to look back on the rich history of the game, if not the franchise itself.

DYKGaming/Normal Boot’s informative video series is back, this time touching on awesome Team Fortress trivia such as:

  • Which class is based on a glitch
  • How the franchise started as a modified version of Quake made by Australian college students
  • How/when Valve got interested in the project
  • The visual changes that Team Fortress 2 went through before release and where the current visuals take inspiration from
  • How the game used to have classes called ‘commander,’ ‘officer’ and ‘instructor’ — and how all these classes functioned
  • What Team Fortress 2 was almost called
  • How the devs made 3 versions of the game before settling on the current one — and how one of these versions was essentially humans versus aliens
  • How the game used to feature way more grenades, but they were taken out because people might spam them too much
  • Which class was tweaked so as to avoid racism
  • What some unused music sounds like
  • Explanation of what some of the game’s bigger references are
  • How there’s a small chance the scout’s death will result in a dove

Personally, I love it when glitches are embraced by developers and then actively incorporated into the game — reminds me of how Street Fighter’s combo system started out as a glitch too.


  • How to detail trivia without actually detailing it.

    Is there any incentive for Kotaku for us actually watching the link?

    • It would give the people who put in the hard work a view on their YouTube channel. The guys at DYK Gaming work really hard, and as much as I like coming to Kotaku for news, it really irks me that they get away with simply linking to exterior content and using it to boost their own web traffic.

      Click that vid, help out DYK Gaming.

    • It’s kotaku author’s just not understanding their audience or the differences between videos they linked.

      A while ago they were linking really shitty vapid top 10 lists that literally had no more detail in it than the list Patricia has added here.

      Now after watching a shitty video people complained, myself included, pointing out that the article would be just as informative without the video and a really simple list. I’ll point out that at least one of these videos didn’t even use relevant footage, just random stock footage over text points.

      Not even a narration.

      Now all that said, DYKG do really great in depth interesting videos. I haven’t even watched this one (Yet) but I can easily recommend watching it.

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