13 Things You Might Not Know About The Game Boy

Ah, the Game Boy. A classic handheld system that's been around for 25 years — meaning, it has a rich and fascinating history. Let's take a look back, shall we?

DYKGaming/Normal Boots walks us through a lot of cool Game Boy trivia in this video, including:

  • How the Game Boy was the first video game console to be played in outer space
  • How the system's origin dates back to 1979 (and how the idea for the system took root)
  • How the Game & Watch preceded the Game Boy (and would later go on to influence the later Nintendo DS)
  • How the first instance of the modern D-Pad was used on a Donkey Kong game
  • Why the original Game Boy has a green-tinted screen
  • Why the Game Boy was more popular than other more powerful systems
  • How there's a Game Boy that survived a bombing — and it still works
  • How the most expensive handheld is a gold Game Boy
  • How Samsung started selling slightly renamed versions of Nintendo systems
  • How the Game Boy's camera was the smallest digital camera back when it was originally released
  • How the Super Game Boy was basically a Game Boy minus the screen and buttons
  • How the infamous Virtual Boy worked
  • The truth about the Game Boy creator's departure from Nintendo

And in case those don't provide enough factoids for you, the voice behind the video is Jake from VSauce... who also incidentally has a video up today about Game Boy facts. This one, however, features a stop-motion break down of the console and the trivia is more based on the hardware itself:

I wouldn't be surprised if all Nintendo systems could survive bombings, to be honest. And in case you're curious about the Wonderswan, you should definitely read US Gamer's great article about it — it's considered the "true" successor to the Game Boy.


    The original GameBoy was made out of the same stuff as a Nokia 3210, making it able to withstand a bomb blast... Unlike the 3DS which is made of tissue paper and one drop of water will fry the thing

      yeh this, my mother chucked mine outside into the rain then drove it into the mud with the van, still worked when I retrieved it 2 days later

      I don't know about you but I try and avoid having my electronic devices around water. Saying that though my 3DS has been rained on plenty of times without issue.

    My biggest problem with the gameboy was that the power switch was in a frustratingly convenient location for dipshits at school to flick off while walking past.

      There was also this old prank some would play on new Gameboy owners.

      "Hey, I know a cheat for your game. Press A, B, Start and Select at the same time."

      For those who don't know or don't recall, that combination resets the unit. Me being me, I knew it from the get go as it was printed in the manual so no one ever got me.

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