300-Foot Water Slide Looked Like The Perfect Sunday

300-Foot Water Slide Looked Like The Perfect Sunday

Hey, remember how back in March artist Luke Jerram was raising money to build a 300-foot water slide down a busy street in Bristol, England? He actually got it done.

The slide's barriers were built using hundreds of hay bales, and dishwashing liquid was used on the tarps to make things a little more slippery. Thousands of people turned out to watch, with around 360 lucky people picked from over 100,000 applicants to actually ride down the slide.

Bristol giant water slide sees thrill-seekers soaked [BBC, via neatorama]


    Since this article was reposted from Gizmodo, I will repost my comment from Gizmodo...

    Looks fun, but I think I prefer the one Nova in Brisbane did.

    Seems more authentic, with more relaxed safety.

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