$500 Aluminium Nintendo Console Is A Thing Of Beauty

$500 Aluminium Nintendo Console Is A Thing Of Beauty

This is the Analogue NT. It's a console that will play both NES and Famicom cartridges. Think of it as an unofficial Nintendo console for design-conscious, affluent grown-ups.

And I do mean affluent. It's priced at $US499. For that, you're getting a machine made from a single solid piece of aluminium, and one which — unlike cheaper Nintendo-playing consoles you can get — also uses the NES' original CPU and PPU.

$500 Aluminium Nintendo Console Is A Thing Of Beauty

For a more modern touch though, it has an HDMI adaptor (sold separately, which can generate scanlines to match the appearance of an old CRT TV), and has four-player support straight out of the box.

I know, it's $US499, which is ridiculous, but then... with its looks, build quality and added features, it's also catering to a market which will probably be all over it.

Analogue NT [Site, via Fast Co]

$500 Aluminium Nintendo Console Is A Thing Of Beauty
$500 Aluminium Nintendo Console Is A Thing Of Beauty
$500 Aluminium Nintendo Console Is A Thing Of Beauty
$500 Aluminium Nintendo Console Is A Thing Of Beauty


    Yeah, I won't lie. I would buy the crap out of that.

    Am I the only one who thinks this just looks... wrong? :|

      I think its just the crappy photography, its either blurry or half out of the picture lol

      Yeah from all the shots I've seen it looks fugly. Like some weird squashed aluminium thing from a bad sci-fi movie. It just doesn't look like all that much at all, especially considering the price and redundancy of the device due tocheaper emulation methods.

    $500?!? Hell no!
    You could build a NES for less than half that. Extras like controller ports and HDMI adapters would push up cost and construction time, but I doubt you would reach $500.
    Plenty of tutorials around that let people with no electronics experience do so.

      Yeah and the cost of the custom case and maybe 100 hours or more of your time?

        Bugger all for both.
        Depending on what material you want to make it out of and how you choose to fabricate it.

        If you wanted an aluminium case you could purchase some cheap from a wholesaler and then get a turner to make it to your specifications for very little. Sure would take a few days getting quotes and travelling, but not $500 worth, that's for damn sure.

        But you would buy all the parts first anyway, to avoid having it too big or too small for your needs. I paid a fella around the corner $60 to put mine together and prob paid about $100 all up for parts including shipping, that was years ago.

          I'd be interested to know where you sourced a pcb to fit your cheap wholesaler case from.

            Oh no no, I don't have a custom case, just a standard NES case I got from Ebay. I was just using an example of what you could do to get a custom case. People have made functioning ones out of Lego even.
            I would like a custom case, just lazy but not so lazy to pay $500 for one though.

            Is the pcb the motherboard circuits thingy? I got some parts from Nintendo, some from Ebay and stuff that got too technical for my electronically deficient knowledge like that was sourced from a ratty old broken NES I got for $5
            For those with electronics skill there is an entire internet filled with various reproductions clean and otherwise

    Emulator or Virtual Console. That my NES gaming in 2014, its really only SMB3.

    so its a NES/Fami with a new case (and pcb) and NESRGB (http://etim.net.au/nesrgb/) fitted.
    Would like to see the real quality of HDMI and what lag is then introduced by it, proper upscalers are 500+ alone

    2ds with a 50$ Dstwo flash cart, that's my portable emulation solution.

    Or just run a pc with Zsnes and a usb buffalo Snes controller. It even has a effects overlay for screen flicker ect.

    Last edited 06/05/14 5:47 pm

    it may be nice looking and designed nicely but its an absolute rip off and as for it "catering to a market which will probably be all over it"... i'm yet to see this... and i'm involved in a few groups/forums that love/collect classic games...

    if it was half the price, i'd buy one... but even then it'll add up once you add cables and controllers and shipping...

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