A 10-Minute Crash Course In Watch Dogs

Video: Watch Dogs finally arrives later this month. To get us all even more excited for the ambitious-sounding open-world title, Ubisoft's has released this lengthy trailer that sums up almost everything you can do in the game's gorgeous rendition of a near-future Chicago. Unsurprisingly, a lot of those things involve shooting and driving cars really fast — only now with hacking and surveillance themes!


    Fingers crossed the PC port isn't shit

      If it's on par with the quality of the AC IV PC Version it will not be a port but a PC version...so to speak.

      There's a trailer where they discuss working with nVidia to get the most out of the PC version.

    I have to agree...let's hope the PC version is not some crappy PS3/X360 Port but one that is completely (or relatively completely) optimised for the PC.

    Given it's steep system requirements one would say so...but then again you don't go by system requirements

    And the Hype begins again. Looking forward to this now.

    In what world is this an 'ambitious' title? This is almost a straight clone of Assassin's Creed into a modern setting with a few extra elements from GTA thrown in.
    The only point of difference this game is attempting is the hacking idea and the more I see and read the more certain I am that this is just going to end up as 'press X to magically activate scripted contextual event'.


    I'll probably buy it. $60 isn't bad for a hopefully enjoyable game

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