Watch A Man Play Demon's Souls With His 3 Year Old Daughter

The adventures of Lance and Penny continue. The cutest three year old girl to have ever played Dark Souls is now playing Demon's Souls with her daddy. Together they will create 'A Lady'. A Lady with green hair who will smash the monsters and pick up the orange spots.

I spoke to Lance and he's told me that he's planning to play through the whole game with her.

I will watch every episode. In this cruel world we need a light in the dark. That light is a three year old girl who's only true desire is to see monsters smashed, see orange spots being picked up and create ladies with green hair and green eyebrows.

My favourite part of this video is the dancing (click ahead to about 13 minutes for that!)


    Oh hey, this is by the guy that made Black Annex! (totally met him at pax aus!)

    Edit: Blah, I missed that on the original Dark Souls post.

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