A PS4 And A Copy Of NBA2K14 Can Be Yours For $482

A PS4 And A Copy Of NBA2K14 Can Be Yours For $482

If your lounge room is looking a bit depressed due to a lack of next-gen console goodness, this weekend could put a smile on its face (wherever lounge rooms happen to keep their moody visages). Retailer Dick Smith is currently running an offer for Sony’s PlayStation 4 that combined with a good old discount code, can net you the console, plus a game, for $482.

This post was originally published on Lifehacker Australia.

As “ajax7” over at Ozbargain helpfully points out, it’s possible to get a PS4, along with a copy of NBA2K14, from Dick Smith for less than the advertised $548. To take advantage of the discount, you’ll need to head over to the PS4 listing on Dick Smith’s online store.

Once you’ve added the console to your cart, proceed to the checkout and when the coupon box appears, enter the following code:


That’ll take 12 per cent off the price, bringing the cost down to $482.24. Target had a deal going previously where you could grab a PS4, sans game, for $449, unfortunately the offer has since expired.

It should be noted that the “WEEKEND12” Dick Smith discount applies to other products across the store and is good until the end of Sunday.

Sony PS4 NBA2K14 Bundle [Dick Smith, via OzBargain]


  • I’d be more disappointed after putting my deposit down on a $499 deal at Target today if this deal included a game I wanted.

    • Well, you could always sell the game afterwards to get an even deeper discount on the console.

  • EB is about to start a deal for $599 for the console, WatchDogs, Fifa 14, and a month of Foxtel Play. not as cheap as 482 but still a decent deal

    • Any more information on this. Because although I shop a lot at EB they aren’t known for great savings on new releases. Especially consoles.

      I’m optimistic about this though. If true could be the reason I finally get a next gen console

      • I can indeed confirm that EB is doing this deal. My local EB has up the POS in the store. Watchdogs, Fifa 14 and 1 month of Foxtel for $599. I asked my local store and they said that I can take the console today with Fifa, and come back on Tuesday and collect Watchdogs with my receipt.
        Guess you have to ask yourself if you want a launch title, or a new release, but dang that Dick Smith price is cheep 🙂

  • I’d like to find a bundle without a crap sports game, I don’t care how cheap it will be. If I have to buy a game with the console then I won’t be saving money anyway.

    • Just because you don’t like sports games, no need to call them crap. The NBA 2K series is one of the most consistently excellent, well-rated sports series out there.

      • There is plenty of need for me to call them crap, if I dislike something my opinion of it is that it’s crap. This is my opinion and I can express it how I wish. If you don’t agree with me so be it, but freedom of speech states that I have the right to call it crap and you have the right to disagree.

        • This isn’t a public forum. Kotaku is a private entity, so your so-called ‘freedom’ of speech does not apply, e.g. if you started spouting hate speech, you’d (rightly) get your comments pulled regardless of whatever freedoms you think you’re entitled to.

          You’re welcome to your own opinion, but you’re not permitted to frame it as fact.

          I’d like to find a bundle without a crap sports game,

          If this is a personal opinion, then add a disclaimer like “I don’t like sports games,” or “I’d like to find a bundle without a (imo) crap sports game.” You don’t like sports games? Well neither do I, but if you’re going to wrap your opinion as fact, then don’t demand your freedom of expression when someone calls you out on it.

          • You talk a lot of pretentious poopies mate. Two paragraphs and absolutely no substance.

            He doesn’t have to add a disclaimer to appease you. Perhaps you should exercise some critical thinking instead. It’ll help you avoid messy situations like this one.

          • It’s not to ‘appease’ me. You’re welcome to think whatever you please, it’s no skin off my back but don’t for a second pull the “FREEDOM OF SPEECH!” card on a private message board. If someone calls you out on framing opinion as fact, don’t claim it’s a violation of your human rights. Pretentious poopies? Okay. If you have an issue with my post, you’re free to offer a counter argument though I’m clearly in the right and so anxiously awaiting your reply.

          • I’m sorry to inform you, that even though Kotaku is a private entity that does not mean human rights are foregone. Sure they have the right to remove my comment if they don’t like it but In no way can they stop me from expressing it.
            My opinion is fact to me, I already stated that people are free to disagree with me, but no one can take my right to express it in the first place.

          • I upvoted you for most of this but then you crossed the line with “My opinion is fact to me”. People can have incorrect opinions leading to being incorrect.

            “The sky is silvery purple” may be somebody’s opinion but it doesn’t make it a fact to anybody (unless that person is mentally ill or inebriated.)

          • That is a statement regarding a fact though. My statement was regarding my opinion which in turn makes it a fact for me. I think sports games are crap, therefore my opinion on thinking sports games are crap is a fact to me. It’s is not a fact to anybody else unless in regards to my opinion.

          • I’m sorry to inform you, that even though Kotaku is a private entity that does not mean human rights are foregone.

            As mentioned below, Australia doesn’t have the same protection of freedom of speech as the United States, which I suspect you’re attempting to invoke. Even if this were a public forum, your ‘human rights’ (ahahah) are not being curtailed. As this is also a private message board, I’m not sure what rights you think you’re entitled to.

        • Actually, Australia does not have an explicit freedom of speech law in the constitution like the U.S. does, so that argument kind of falls flat there.

          Either way feel free, if you must, to continue labelling as such, these incredibly detailed and nuanced games that countless developers have poured their time into producing. A genre of games that are perhaps the most difficult of any to produce as due to their goal in capturing a real-life activity they are required to nail real-world physics, player likenesses and the flow of the game they are emulating, to name but a few of the difficulties, to an exceptional level of accuracy or it just won’t be acceptable. All this while pleasing arguably the broadest audience range in the entire industry, making it work for the hardcore as well as the casual gamer.

          Yeah, so encapsulating all of that effort into an off-hand, disrespectful and dismissive term like “crap” certainly seems appropriate, what do you think?

  • There’s a deal coming out on Tuesday with Watchdogs, Fifa and NBA2K14. Not sure on price though. Getting it if it’s decent.

  • I don’t know if I should be disappointed or proud that I am still completely unmoved towards replacing my PS3 with a nice shiny new 4…

  • Some good deals to be had, just yesterday I bagged a Xbox One, Kinect, Titanfall & Forza 4 for only $494 from target in Sydney…I know this is a PS4 thread but still….great deals to be had if you keep yr eyes open regardles s of yr perferred platform.

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