A Strategy Game Where You Grow Your Own Godzilla

A Strategy Game Where You Grow Your Own Godzilla

Anyone who's played Rampage has probably enjoyed assuming the role of the Kaiju, destroying cities and levelling armies in an unstoppable quest to… eat… things… or whatever. But what if Rampage could be a bit more strategic?

Enter Kaiju a Gogo, an in-development game from Kerberos Productions. The game will let you play one of a cast of mad scientists who build their own monstrous Kaiju and set out on a quest for world domination. To win, you'll have to destroy a bunch of cities, and in between attacks, upgrade your monster with a bunch of unique abilities.

A Strategy Game Where You Grow Your Own Godzilla

As Kerberos' Christopher Stewart puts it, "Imagine XCOM if you were attacking the world with giant monsters instead of protecting it from aliens from outer space."

Sounds like a fun idea to me. The game is currently raising money on Kickstarter, and is aiming to release the game in late 2014. Here's their pitch:


    So its basically eat them... but you can't make your creature and it looks like its for mobiles.

    It's inspired by the same movie monster games as Eat Them - we're old enough to be fans of games like Crush Crumble and Chomp, which is the game we loved playing that we wanted to bring back to gamers.

    You choose a type of monster - the base game starts with three - and you do work to improve them, grow them, seeing them change from tier to tier as you decide which of 90+ powers (90+ for each monster) you want to develop and give them.

    It's not full 3D like Eat Them, but it being developed primarily as a PC title which we will be them adjusting to put on mobile devices - It's very much not a phone game ported to PC, nor are we big fans of Candy Crush style IAP pay to play design standards.

    I hope that helps clarify things a bit - if you like, please check out the Kickstarter page. There's lots more details and we already done some campaign updates talking about powers and so on!

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