Add Up All The Sins Of X-Men: First Class, Then Subtract One

Add Up All The Sins Of X-Men: First Class, Then Subtract One

With the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past just around the corner, Cinema Sins checks off all the problems with the first appearance of lil’ Xavier and Magneto, wisely not forgetting to include the best bit.

If the new movie fails to address the early encounter between the good, the bad and the questionably coiffed, it will make me question the infallibility of comic book canon forever. That may have been sarcasm.


  • Wow, grasping at straws. I get that these are as much of an exercise in humour as actual critique, but these videos are starting to contain significantly less of each.

      • I wouldnt call “so and so is not my girlfriend” nit picking, its called joking 😉

    • yep, gotta agree with you. these videos were more about critique while making it funny. If now all he does is pick popular films (NEW XMEN FILM, LETS DO THE LAST XMEN FILM) and try to make jokes about them, he should probably lose the whole “sin against movies” angle.

      • Or make them shorter and funnier. Narrow it down to a minute or two and only include actual sins, or sons that are genuinely funny. Eh, I’m gonna stop clicking on them either way.

      • It also doesn’t help that some of the things he classes as a “sin” of the movie are actually the movie respecting canon from the source material. That is not a sin, that is doing it right!

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