Defiance Marks One-Year Anniversary By Going Free-To-Play

Briefly: After a "rocky start", the sci-fi MMORPG Defiance is marking its one-year anniversary by going free-to-play, developer and publisher Trion Worlds announced today. Coming alongside the premier of the second season of the related SyFy show, the change will go into effect on June 4 on the PC and July 15 on the PS3. No word yet on a specific date for the Xbox 360 version.


    Worst 70 dollars ever spent. Greedy cunts.
    how am i posting to fast???? My last post was 4.00 in the afternoon and its 5 oclock in the morning. Posting system.a bit broken?

    Last edited 02/05/14 7:15 am

      It's been broken all week, but it looks like they've got most of it sorted down.

    Honestly I have to give them props. I had this pinned as a non existent flop after 6 months.

    Unless I'm mistaken (I only had the game for a day or two before returning it to EB), the Xbox 360 version didn't have monthly fees (besides requiring an XBL Gold sub).

      Yeah, I think it had the Guild Wars 2 model of buy once.

    I enjoyed the TV series a whole lot more than the game.... Heck I bought the game because the series was so good.

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