An Artist Is Faithfully Recreating System Shock 2’s Greatest Scene

An Artist Is Faithfully Recreating System Shock 2’s Greatest Scene

Playing System Shock 2 is a frightening experience, and no moment is quite as shocking as seeing the face of the villain SHODAN for the first time. Now, one modeler is taking the time to render that scene in all its glory (Spoilers ahead).

Over at the Polycount forums, user Mr Smo has uploaded his reworkings of the classic SHODAN reveal scene in CryEngine 3. If you’ve never seen the original, here’s what it looks like:

His inspiration was this fantastic fanart by Jim Hatama:

The scene is a work in progress. So far, this is what he has fleshed out:

The hallway, before and after:

Fantastic stuff. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s done.

[Polycount via Craig Pearson]


  • Ah, this makes me want a System Shock 3 so bad. (Or atleast fully recreated SS2 on spiffy new engine.)

    • SS2 was given a boost at least. Have you checked it out with the updated models/skins? Sooooooo good!
      Totally with you on wanting SS3 though! Needs to happen WAAAAAAAAY more than any more BioShock games!

      • I got my copy via I think it has the newer mods (mostly so it will run on newer PCs).

        The only problem I have is my nerve for the atmosphere never lasts more than 15 minutes before running out of a certain under garment, 🙁

  • Will never forget this scene.. Remember staring at the end of the corridor going “Er… this doesn’t look right…” for about a minute

  • The third screenshot under the video (looking straight at the face) is just begging for this demotivational caption.


  • Gorgeous. Add me to the pile of suckers who want remakes of SS and SS2.

    Though I’m curious whether these screens are meant to imply that SHODAN has a physical form in that ‘room’ or if the green lights will be projecting her image. /pickybastard

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